Patio & Deck in Denver

Porch, Deck, or Patio Additions

Average resale return: 90.3%

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Wood Patio & Deck

With a budget of $11,000, you can add 16×20 feet of pressure-treated wood decks. You can get approximately $10,000 at resale return.

Add some decorative planters to your deck, patio, or porch to create a more attractive space.

Use proper lighting, mature plantings, and create a welcoming gate to make your courtyard have a fantastic entry view. Those small things can add up and have an impact at closing.

To give a focal point to some features, or to distract the viewer from small details, use bold plantings.

Porch railings are the safest and most attractive options that you can get, so consider using that instead of run-down stairs.

Use a wooden trellis to hide unappealing AC units.

The recouping rate in the West can reach almost 100%. In the South, it goes down to 83%.

Improvements for Exteriors (Painting, Front Entries, and Vinyl Siding)

Average resale return: 95.5%

You may look at a budget of $7,239 if you want to cover about 1,250 square feet of vinyl siding. You can get a resale return of $6,914.

One gallon of paint can cover about 400 square feet of a house, depending on the design. If you want to make sure that you’re using the right color combination, you can use some paint color cards.

Test your house for lead before doing anything if your house was painted in any way before 1978.

A fiber-cement, vinyl siding job may cost you approximately $10,393, with a resale return of $10,771, making it a higher recouping rate at 103.6%.

If you need to hold up a pergola, you can buy load-bearing columns for your home. Columns that are made from fiberglass are very popular on the market, and they’re also durable. If you want to have a clearer idea, you can visit a salvage yard.

To get a more improved and upgraded look, get rid of outdated awnings from the doors and windows.

Get some real wood supports instead of damaged iron railings to create a more attractive house entry.

Add some columns or a pergola to your porch to give it a quick but effective makeover.

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Landscaping Work

Average resale return: 100%

According to the American Nursery Landscape Association, the average person can spend approximately $1,465 on a designer, and $3,502 for a landscaping job. Some local garden centers provide free designing services, so you can go with them if you don’t know where to start. You can also ask your neighbors what design works for them.

Since sod costs approximately 30 to 35 cents per square foot, a 5,000 square foot yard may cost you roughly $1,500 to sod. Keep in mind that you may adjust your budget for delivery fees if you buy less than 1,000 square feet of sod.

A fresh coat of color at the front of your home can make it more attractive for people. Consider using one bright color and change the height of your plants up. You can replace overgrown shrubbery with flowering plants if your doorway is currently filled with greenery.

Some additional items, such as a fountain, can add a lot of state value to your home because it makes them an attractive focal point of your property. You can enhance the color by rolling a sealant on the flagstones for a wet look.