Kitchen Remodel in Denver

Small Kitchen Re-Design

Make the most out of your small kitchen by hiring our expert contractors. We can guarantee to maximize the benefits and space so you can get the most out of your kitchen.

Personalization is the way to go.

J&K cabinetry can help you achieve the elegant and newer look that your kitchen needs. With J&K cabinetry you can get up to 15% more space than other cabinet manufacturers, which is a huge plus. The company is continually adding new ergonomic products to its catalog, so you can get a guaranteed high-quality product that can make your kitchen more functional and beautiful as ever.


Made in the USA

Modern and Traditional Styles

Do you want the latest in ergonomic cabinetry? Crown cabinets, J&K cabinetry, Witt kitchens  can help you get up to 15% more space in your kitchen with its ergonomic and modern cabinets. These manufacturers focus on full-access cabinetry, so you can be sure that your kitchen is going to follow the latest trends, while also being more functional.

Quartz & Dekton Countertops

Quartz countertops can help your kitchen look beautiful while also having unmatched performance. Dekton countertops come in many colors and styles, so you can choose the one that fits you the best. MSI quartz countertops provide fantastic designs with high-quality American craftsmanship!

kitchen remodel before and after

What Can You Expect from a Certified Kitchen Designer?

Many people often get confused with the terms ‘Kitchen contractor’ and ‘Certified kitchen designer.’ While both jobs sound very similar, they are different in some essential points. While a kitchen contractor can do a great job with a kitchen re-design, a certified kitchen designer has some added benefits that you have to keep in mind.

Every kitchen contractor can help you decide on a fantastic layout idea for your new kitchen. Some people want an energy-friendly kitchen, some want to upgrade their kitchen on a budget, and some want to do the upgrades themselves! A basic kitchen contractor can help you achieve that while cutting down some costs.

While that sounds good enough for most people, a certified kitchen designer (CKD) has improved kitchen designer skills. These skills involve creating a blueprint for a unique kitchen that can make your home stand out even more!

Certified kitchen designers also have a lot of knowledge regarding safety and industry standards, which is required to properly supervise the kitchen design project to have a better result.

Training to be a certified kitchen designer has become quite common recently. This is because most homeowners want to upgrade their kitchen to a more exclusive design that represents them. Another reason is that upscale remodel designs can help to increase a house’s state value, increasing the recoup rate of the entire cost of the remodel.

Being a certified kitchen designer involves many years of training, usually more than required for most kitchen contractors. This kind of training involves the skills listed below:

  • Higher Education – It’s important to understand industry safety regulations and standards for the remodeling of a kitchen. These regulations involve building codes and the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s guidelines. These guidelines include some recommendations when choosing the proper material to be used in these projects, ensuring optimal results.
  • Communication Skills – This involves continually speaking to the client to understand what their goals are, and turn their idea into reality.
  • Researching – A good certified kitchen designer should always help the client to cut down costs on their renovation, even more, if the client has a lower budget. This involves cost-effective ideas for remodeling a kitchen and giving it a unique style. There are many discounts that the client can get on materials, such as natural stone slabs for granite countertops when the in-store supply is limited.
  • Evaluation – To develop a proper kitchen remodel project, a certified kitchen designer has to study the client’s style, preferences, and budget to meet their desired results more efficiently.

A certified kitchen designer is trained to give their clients diverse renovation ideas and strategies for the project. From creating a unique blueprint to gathering every material needed for the project, these certified designers work to get a result that satisfies the client’s needs, and that also improves the kitchen’s overall functionality.

Major Kitchen Renovations

Average resale return: 91%

For mid-range houses, a significant kitchen renovation can cost about $43,862 with a resale return of $39,920. With that budget, you can get laminate countertops, a stainless sink, a cooktop, a new wall oven, an island, 30 feet of cabinets, and other appliances.

Consider doing a major kitchen remodel rather than small upgrades if your house’s state value is rising and your kitchen’s finishes don’t match that value. An excellent way to measure your budget is to take 10% to 15% of your house’s value and use that amount to remodel your kitchen.

Some kitchens can look small if they’re overloaded with things. To make your kitchen feel more prominent, you can remove old over-counter cabinets and create a compact eating bar, which is a big plus. Make the eating bar even more attractive by adding a bench, designer pillows, and a built-in banquet.

If you need less than eight feet of countertop, you can save some money by going to local granite dealers that provide material remnants for some cut and installation fees.

For walls and window treatments, use neutral colors if you are thinking of selling in the future. However, if you just want to remodel for your taste, use colors that you like.

To create a custom backsplash without spending much money, use tin ceiling tiles.

French doors are a perfect option to light up a dark kitchen, so consider adding them if you have a dark kitchen.

Minor Kitchen Renovations

Average resale return: 98.5%

If you are not looking to change up your entire kitchen, a small kitchen remodel can be just what you need for a cosmetic update. This type of work costs approximately

$14,913, with a resale rate of $14,691.

Spending about $15,000 in a kitchen remodel can cover about 30 feet of re-facing for drawers and cabinets, laminate countertops, new fixtures, a new sink, a cooktop, a modern wall oven, and resilient flooring. If your property’s value goes higher than $500,000, try going for the latest glass kitchen countertops.

You can put recessed lights from three to five inches apart on the center, and 18 inches away from the cabinets. This is to light up the kitchen countertops properly.

If you don’t want the vinyl pattern to bleed through, cover that old vinyl with some floor leveler. Remember that if the subfloor is made of lower-grade concrete, you can’t add a second layer of vinyl.

You can give your kitchen a more vibrant look if you paint and sand your current cabinets. Doing this is usually more affordable than buying new appliances.

Window Replacement

Average resale return: 89.6%

It can cost you about $9,700 to replace 10 3×5 feet windows. For that budget, you can get approximately $8,700 after selling. Keep in mind that window replacements pay off the most in big cities such as Seattle, Orlando, Boston, Miami, etc.

Consider getting Low-E glass windows for hot climates. You can also add some argon gas to the windows to prevent the transference of cold and heat within the windows.

Please note that window replacements don’t pay off the same in hot climates. In places such as the La Vegas desert, you may just recoup 62% of the total cost.