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Tips for When You Are Remodeling Your Bathroom

low budget bathroom remodelYou don’t get the chance to remodel your bathroom every day. So, when its time for bathroom remodeling, you need to do it right. However, doing this without prior information can be challenging and expensive. For such a project, hiring a professional is the best course of action. If you are giving your entire home a facelift, or looking to upgrade or get a new contemporary look, then Avis Remodeling helps get your bathroom to that level.

Areas you can remodel in your bathroom

The bathroom has many things that you can replace to add a newer touch. These include:

  • Mirrors

mirror in bathroomTraditionally, many designers use different shapes for mirrors on the sinks and vanity. However, you do not have to settle for those. You can replace them with rounded rectangle mirrors. These mirrors have curved corners, giving you the best combination for rectangle and circular mirrors. For a high-end bathroom remodeling project, you may install back-lit, anti-fog bathroom mirrors.

  • Showers

shower remodeling projectDo you have the shower curtain in your bathroom? Do you want to create the illusion of having a bigger space in your bathroom? A simple yet elegant solution is to have the floor-to-ceiling glass shower enclosure, with a hand-held shower head. There are infinite options you can choose for an outstanding bathroom remodel.

  • The floor and the walls

floors and walls remodelWhen remodeling your walls, you can opt for a neutral-colored wall or do something different. For instance, you can go with long skinny tiles or marble art. With an expert carefully arranging the pieces on your walls, you can get any form of abstract art using marble.

When it comes to the floors, choosing the shape, texture, and how they match with the rest of your design is important.  You could use hexagonal ceramic or vinyl tiles. Also, choose a rough texture to protect from slipping.

  • The toilets

toilet remdoelNew trends are hitting the market each day. Now, we have hands-free, automatic, and floating toilets. Although some could prove to increase the dent into your wallet, you could try the floating toilet. The toilet is fixed to the wall rather than the floor. So, whenever you are cleaning your bathroom, you no longer have to hassle.

  • Sinks and vanities

sink and vanitieNo bathroom is complete without a sink and a vanity. You can repaint the vanity or replace both sink and vanity with newer and more contemporary designs such as Kraus Sinks and Faucets.

What should you not do when remodeling your bathroom?

When done right, bathroom remodeling can prove to be rewarding and exciting. However, many people try going DIY on these remodels, only to end up with huge dents in their wallets. The smallest mistake could prove to be expensive. For instance, when you go into the renovations blind, you will most likely be swayed by trends, and you waste time and money. You also overlook small mistakes like a loose-fitting, only to end up dealing with the results for a long time to come. Whether it is mismatching the fixtures, improper use of space, or overlooking small expenses, never go into any renovation without a solid plan. Once you have that, then we can come in to help achieve your dream.

What is the best way to remodel a bathroom?

Remodeling a bathroom varies from one room to another. There are small bathrooms that need as much space as you can get, and others with all the space you need. If yours is the small one, you could create your own space. For instance, you can use recessed accessories, such as medicine cabinets and soap dishes, to create space.

Also, you need to pay attention to ventilation. When working with an expert from Avis Remodeling, we provide you with the option of installing a window or an exhaust fan.

One of the best ways to remodel a bathroom is to choose the right flooring. However, as much as you want to infuse some wooden tiles into your bathroom, do not. A professional can tell you that that is not the right flooring for your bathroom. Instead, you can use ceramic porcelain tiles, vinyl, or sheet vinyl, or LifeProof Vinyl flooring.

When it comes to the color of your bathroom, a neutral color makes your bathroom seem larger, compared to dull colors. At Avis Remodeling, we understand this, and that is why we provide you with the broadest spectrum from which you can choose your favorite.

Finally, the best and safest way to renovate your bathroom is to hire a professional contractor for bathroom remodeling. Avis Remodeling is a premier contractor in Denver, CO for all your home remodeling projects. Call us today for a modern, budget bathroom remodel.

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