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2022 Tile Flooring Trends in Colorado

Whether you live in a sleek, modern craftsman-style home or enjoy your quiet life in a cape cod or Dutch colonial, there is a style, color, and cut of tile that will work with your overall aesthetic. Tile flooring is a generic term used to describe flooring that is cut into tiles, and after the tiles are laid, the gaps between the tiles are filled with grout.

You are remodeling your Colorado home or even considering constructing a new residential property and want to understand the hot trends for 2022. Well, don’t you dare look further because here is a quick guide to the tile industry, including some of the hottest trends in tile in Colorado and a few options for flooring, including carpet tiles, to help get you started.

hot flooring trends
Replace Your Old Flooring In Denver

How Big is the Flooring Industry?

The flooring industry is massive, and in the United States, the flooring market was valued at $21.04 billion in 2019. The tile industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.4% until 2027. This analysis includes both the residential and commercial sectors and all types of flooring, from tiles and hardwood planks to carpeting.

As with other construction industries, the tile trend and flooring industries are adapting to the needs of commercial and residential properties and to ever-changing flooring trends. One of the most significant drivers of trends in the industry is the demand for more inexpensive products that are also eco-friendly.

Sustainability is a buzzword in the industry. If you want to remain at the forefront of the trends in Colorado, familiarize yourself with more eco-friendly options, including bamboo and flooring manufactured from recycled materials.

Is There Such a Thing as Tile Trend or a Flooring Trend?

As with other types of flooring, there are tile trends and flooring trends, and these trends are constantly evolving. Think back to the kitchen and bathroom in your parent’s home or the homes of your friends in past decades. You might remember a variety of flooring trends. For example, geometric tiles were very hot in the 1980s, as were tiles that mimicked natural products, including wood.

Way back in the 1970s, flooring trends were dominated by bold colors, eye-catching geometric patterns, and out-of-this-world design elements.

Today’s tile and flooring trends are a mixture of new-age ideas of sustainability and aesthetic trends, including the farmhouse look and a muted neutral colors palette, with a reimaging of some of the biggest tile trends from the last several decades.

trend of kitchen flooring
Types Of Flooring

Unique Patterns and Tile Shapes

Three of the biggest trends in flooring tiles in Colorado are unique shapes, organic shapes, and showstopping patterns, including geometric shape tiles. This includes anything from ornately painted ceramic tiles to more simplistic and classic white subway tiles. However, three of the hottest trends in flooring are chevron, two-tone flooring, and large format flooring tiles.

Chevron Pattern

Dating back to Bronze Age Greece, chevron pattern flooring has been a popular patterned flooring option for centuries. Chevron is characterized by an inverted V pattern, and often, there are bold differences in colors to draw attention to the flooring pattern. One of the hottest flooring trends with chevon is flooring that mimics unfinished, natural wood flooring.

Herringbone patterns are another one of many beautiful traditional patterns comprised of rectangular pieces arranged in a staggered or broken zig-zag pattern is another hot option. The possibilities for color choices with herringbone and chevron are both seemingly endless, so you won’t have trouble finding a chevron or chevron herringbone pattern that will work with your home’s color palette.

Chevron Pattern flooring
Large Size Of Chevron Pattern Flooring

Two-Tone Flooring

Two-tone flooring tiles are another smoking hot top flooring trend in Colorado. Using two colors offers you a variety of options to complement any type of décor. For example, if you want your flooring tiles to stand out, you can opt for the stark contrast of black and white tiles. Another great option is two different tones of the same color, such as grey, brown, or white.

Large Format Flooring Tiles

One of the hottest flooring trends in bathroom and kitchen flooring tiles in the past was smaller, standard tiles. These tiles were typically available in 2, 4, 6, and 8-inch tiles. You probably also remember the trend of smaller tiles installed as backsplashes.

Well, forget these diminutive tile sizes because large format flooring tiles are one of the biggest trends for 2022 and the foreseeable future. You can expect to see this new trend in several homes in the near future. It makes sense that large format tiles are popular due to the popularity of wide plans in wood flooring.

These massive tiles are becoming more popular, which means they are becoming more widely available. Installing larger format flooring tiles mean there are fewer grout lines, which provides you with the durability and manageability of tile with a more seamless finished appearance.

large wooden flooring tiles
Large Wooden Floor Tiles

Consider Wood Look Tiles or Wood Look Planks Instead of Wood Floors

For many years, the gold standard of residential flooring was hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring has always been seen as an intelligent investment, but times are changing. In addition to being very expensive to purchase and have professionally installed, hardwood flooring can be a nightmare to clean and maintain. If one of the hardwood flooring planks is damaged, it can cost a small fortune to have the plank professionally replaced.

Why deal with all of that hassle and expense when you can enjoy the look of hardwood flooring by having tiles that mimic the appearance of wood? Wood-inspired tile is almost indistinguishable from natural hardwoods. However, with wood-inspired tiles, you won’t need to purchase any specialized cleaners or worry about the tiles being scratched and damaged by your pets or rambunctious kids.

However, the best part of choosing wood-inspired tiles over traditional hardwoods is all the money you will save!

Decorative Tiles Flooring Trends

Decorative tiles have always been trendy. However, if you want to ensure you are following the latest trends in Colorado, you need to choose your color palette wisely. Some of the hottest decorative tile colors in 2022 to choose from include jewel tones that mimic natural stones, such as teal, plum, ruby red, amethyst, and a beautiful shade of quartz purple.

If you want a less bold and more muted color palette but still want your tile to stand out, painted mosaic or Moroccan tiles are a great option. Decorative tiles that mimic the outdoors, such as tiles painted with flowers or leaves, are another trendy choice.

quartz flooring denver
Marble & Quartz Flooring

Stone-Inspired Tile Flooring

If you love the look of travertine, marble, or slate, but these stone tiles are not in your renovation budget, look into the stone-inspired tile. Faux stone flooring tiles mimic the look of natural stone but for a fraction of the price. In addition to the potential to save thousands and stay on trend in Colorado, there are other advantages to stone-inspired tiles.

Engineered-stone tile, which is manufactured from a mixture of crushed stone mixed with a sturdy stone polymer composite, is very easy to install and available in a variety of styles and colors. Unlike stone, there are fewer color and texture idiosyncrasies in faux, engineered tiles.

Terrazzo Tile

The history of terrazzo flooring is unique and fascinating. Initially created over 500 years ago by Venetian laborers out of epoxy and the shards of broken marble, terrazzo flooring has come a long way and is once again one of the hottest trends in Colorado. Today’s terrazzo flooring is made much like engineered stone.

However, the difference is that terrazzo flooring is typically more stylized, and the chips of marble, quartz, or granite are larger and more pronounced, which gives the flooring a more handcrafted appearance with its eye-catching patterns. Be aware that terrazzo is also much more expensive than stone-inspired flooring. Terrazzo flooring is also very tricky to install, and the installation is always best left to a professional to ensure the stone looks appropriately laid.

You can also expect to see this trend in homes throughout your neighborhood.

Terrazzo Tile denver
Terrazzo Tile Flooring In Denver

Encaustic Tile

Many people confuse encaustic tile with other types of decorative flooring. However, there is a significant difference. Authentic, traditional encaustic flooring is manufactured from multiple colors of clay, typically anywhere from two to six colors, that are used to create a unique pattern. Painted or glazed tiles feature an encaustic-inspired design that is painted on tiles, but these are not genuine encaustic tiles.

If you want the real deal, get ready to pay handsomely because authentic encaustic tile is very in-demand and very expensive to manufacture and install, especially for creative shapes and creative patterns. However, if you can overlook the upfront costs associated with encaustic tile, you will be very happy with the product’s look and durability.

You can expect to see the encaustic tile trend become even more popular in the next few years.

Encaustic Tile flooring
Encaustic Tile Installation

Concrete Look Tile

Concrete is sleek, modern, and very durable, and if you are looking for one of the hottest flooring trends in Colorado, you cannot go wrong with concrete. However, concrete is not exactly welcoming, and you don’t want to greet guests to walk and sit on your cold concrete flooring. Concrete-inspired tile is a great alternative that is very easy to install and maintain. Even better, concrete-inspire flooring tiles can be manufactured to mimic the look of stone and give you unique travertine or marble look, but for a fraction of the price of what you would pay for travertine or marble.

Cool Tones are Better for Kitchens

One of the hottest flooring trends in not only tile in Colorado but also home renovation is creating a space that is serene, tranquil, and welcoming. If you want to design a kitchen that feels inviting and warm, opt for cool tones in your kitchen flooring. Cool tones, including shades of gray, sky blue, and green, are the best option for kitchens.

When choosing cool-toned flooring tiles for your kitchen, which is most definitely on-trend, opt for neutral flooring with subtle cool undertones. If you are having trouble, consider pulling the cool undertones from the color of the paint or accents in the kitchen.

You can expect to see cool tones in kitchens, living spaces, and other rooms in homes very soon.

cool tone kitchen flooring
Monotone Colors For Kitchen Flooring

The Best Colors for Flooring in 2022

Now that you have narrowed down all of your options and want to choose from the hottest, trendiest tile in Colorado, it is time to make one last crucial decision: the color. The base color of your tile or wood floors is critical because this color sets the tone for the rest of the space and provides you with a foundation to choose all of the furniture and decorative accents that will be added to the room later.

Gray Stains

Gray has been one of the hottest and trendiest colors in tile and wood floors in general and home renovation for several years – and this is not likely to change. Gray is versatile, and if used correctly, your gray tile can be bold, understated, and even welcoming because it can mimic a wood look. If your kitchen, main bathroom, or living room is smaller, consider light gray tile, as this can make the space seem much more prominent.

grey stains floor installation
Trendy Grey Stains Flooring

Dark Stains

Another option that has been stylish for many years and will continue to be on-trend for several years to come, dark-stained wood floors and tiles are a perfect choice, especially if you are considering selling your current home in the near future. When choosing tile for your home that you might sell within the next few years or for a home that you are flipping, dark stained wood tile is a popular option that will appeal to almost any potential buyer and is a beautiful wood look.

dark stains flooring in denver
The Trend Of Dark Stains Flooring

White Stains

If you are not attracted to the darker stains and want to open up your space and make your home seem larger and airier, one of the most white-hot trends in tile is white-stained wood tiles and light-colored floors or distressed wood. One of the hottest trends is white stains on white oak flooring.

White stains on the flooring or white tiles are very versatile, and you have several options to choose from. For example, white-wasted faux wood flooring tiles will create a rustic look that is ideal for a farmhouse-style kitchen or bathroom that can mimic more expensive distressed wood look.

Additionally, white stains will also not show as many scratches and damage, including intentional wire scratches.

white stains flooring denver
Luxury White Stains Flooring In Denver

Don’t Rule Out Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl has always had a bad reputation for being cheap and unattractive. However, before you discount vinyl tiles, you need to read more about one of the hottest trends in tile flooring in luxury vinyl tile is manufactured from the same types of plastic composite as other vinyl and tiles.

However, LVT is much thicker and more robust than standard vinyl tiles. Here are a few more advantages to choosing LVT over standard vinyl tiles or even wood tiles and engineered wood.

LVT Is More Durable

Standard vinyl has a reputation for being very flimsy. This is because the layers of products that are used to create traditional vinyl tiles are much thinner, and there are fewer layers. The layers of products used to manufacture LVT are much thicker, and there are many more layers to a piece of LVT. The durability of LVT is very impressive and can even rival natural hardwood flooring tiles.

LVT floor in denver
LVT Flooring Project

LVT Is Easy to Maintain

Between the constant cleaning with expensive specialty products to the need for periodic sealing, it can cost a small fortune to maintain natural hardwood flooring tiles. If you want the look of natural hardwood but do not want the hassle that comes with maintaining genuine hardwood tiles or engineered wood, opt for LVT instead.

Sweeping, mopping and the occasional stain removal with an inexpensive, all-purpose cleaner are all you need to do to maintain your beautiful LVT flooring.

maintaining LVT floor
The Trend Of LVT Flooring In Denver

LVT Is Very Affordable

Hardwood tiles are beautiful, but the price can be downright ugly. The cost of materials and installation of luxury vinyl flooring is a mere fraction of the cost of having natural hardwood tiles installed in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Additionally, because LVT is easier to maintain, the overall cost of ownership associated with LVT is far less than natural hardwoods.

Because of its affordability, you can expect to see LVT become even more popular.

How to Choose the Correct Flooring Material for Your Home

With all the styles, colors, sizes, and patterns available, it might seem impossible to determine the right Colorado tile choice for you and your budget and also follows the hot flooring trend. Before you get too overwhelmed, take a couple of deep breaths, and consider three of the most essential factors that will determine the right flooring material for your home: the upfront costs, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Initial Investment

The upfront costs of purchasing and installing tiles and other new floors in your home are obviously a huge consideration. The sheer availability of styles, colors, and sizes is massive, and you want to ensure you can afford the flooring. Visiting a showroom and talking with a professional who understands the tile industry in Colorado is a significant first step.

A professional tile expert can help you weigh the pros and cons of each choice and determine if you can not only afford the up-front costs but also the lifetime cost of ownership that comes with each type of residential flooring.

initial cost of flooring
What Is The Initial Investment For New Flooring?

Your Lifestyle

Your home and family’s needs are another huge consideration. Obviously, if you have children and pets, including curious, rambunctious dogs, you will need the tile in Colorado that is durable and easy to maintain. Conversely, if your biggest concern is the return on investment and aesthetics, you can choose the flooring that is less functional and more elegant and is one of the hottest flooring trends for 2022, such as chevron and herringbone patterns.

Your Budget

Finally, don’t even set foot into a residential flooring showroom without first creating a rock-solid budget. The budget for your flooring renovation project needs to include the cost of demolition, raw materials, and installation. Don’t forget to set a small amount of money aside for any incidentals or accidents that might occur, such as receiving a case of tiles that broke during the installation process, additional raw materials, or not purchasing enough caulk or tile adhesive.

flooring budget
What Is Your Budget For New Flooring?

Your Home’s Overall Aesthetic

One of the biggest and most significant considerations when choosing tile in Colorado is the overall look and aesthetic of your home. This is especially critical if you are replacing the flooring throughout your home. Many homeowners choose to utilize the same flooring throughout their home, as this creates a more cohesive finished product and encourages the flow from room to room.

Before you get too overly wrapped up in your home’s present aesthetic, realize that installing new flooring or flooring tiles in your home is the ideal opportunity to change the look and feel of your home. Suppose you have always wanted to transform your modern abode into a cozy, rustic farmhouse, or adopt a more neutral color palette. Why not take this opportunity to start the transition to your dream home by updating your home’s flooring?

Floor Tile or Hardwood Floors?

One of the most deceptively simple questions you need to ask yourself before updating your flooring is if you want to have tiles installed in your home or if you should opt for one of the other most popular options: hardwood floors. As discussed above, when you consider all of the costs associated with installing and maintaining hardwood floors, the choice becomes obvious.

Flooring tiles in Colorado are trendy, easy to maintain, and very durable. In the vast majority of cases, you luckily won’t need to take a second mortgage out on your home to have tiles installed throughout your house, which are some of the hottest flooring trends. With all the money you save choosing flooring tiles over real wood floors, you can invest in other renovation projects, such as your dream kitchen cabinets or a new soaking tub in the master bathroom.

hardwood floor vs tiles
Hardwood Flooring In Denver

Tile Floors or Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl plank and sheet flooring has been the standard in homes for decades because the product is very inexpensive. However, if you are ready to upgrade and cannot decide if you should opt for vinyl or upgrade to tile floors, the choice should by now be obvious. Tile flooring can work with any type of home aesthetic, and unlike vinyl flooring, which can look and feel cheap, tile flooring will always appear more upscale and elegant.

Would You Install Natural Stone in Living Rooms?

You are ready to remodel your main living area and cannot decide if stone is the right option or should even be an option. Whether you are remodeling your living space, kitchen, bathroom, or hallways, stone, including a marble look stone, is always a great choice.

Stone, such as slate, travertine, or marble look stone, is elegant and highly desirable, and for a high-traffic area like your main living area, various stone looks will be able to withstand your raucous Superbowl party or a spirited family game night.

stone flooring trend
Dark Stone Flooring In Denver

What are Luxury Vinyl Planks?

The difference between luxury vinyl plank flooring and LVT is straightforward. Tiles are installed with a slight gap that is filled with caulk. Planks are typically longer and thinner than tiles and are installed in a very different way. There is no gap between the planks, and the planks are installed by either adhering planks to the floor or the planks are clicked together through a tongue-and-groove system.

LVT is also available in wider and longer planks, as well as more traditionally sized planks.

There is little difference between manufacturing luxury tiles and luxury planks. The big difference is how both products are installed.

Are Porcelain Tiles Out?

Just like hardwood flooring, when it comes to interior design, porcelain tile will never go out of style. Porcelain is a very classic option that can be updated to work with even the most contemporary, trendy home in Colorado. Two of the hottest flooring trends in Colorado for porcelain tiles are textured porcelain tiles and patterned porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tiles denver
Is The Porcelain Tiles Trend Is Dead?

Solid Hardwood or Wood Look Tile?

You simply love the look of solid hardwood but don’t want to spend that kind of money having the product professionally installed. Wood-inspired or wood-look tile is a great alternative that will work with almost any budget. Whether you want to update the look of your kitchen, living room, or master bathroom, wood-inspired tiles are a great option.

Another popular and unexpected place where homeowners are having wood-inspired tiles installed in their homes is the bathroom. Typically, hardwood flooring doesn’t work in the bathroom because of hardwood flooring’s natural porous nature. Wood-inspired tile is sturdier and more dependable, making it an excellent option for your bathroom.

solid wooden floor
Solid Hardwood Flooring In Denver

Is it Better to Install Hard Surface Flooring in the Basement?

Let’s face it, basements are damp, and no matter how hard you try, it can seem impossible to lower the relative humidity in your basement. When choosing the perfect trendy tile flooring in Colorado, it is always best to opt for hard surface flooring. Hard surface flooring refers to any type of flooring, from manufactured tile and natural stone to hardwood planks, that is not carpeting.

If you want to install carpeting in your basement, ensure that the basement is well-ventilated and that the carpeting is not installed directly on top of the cement subfloor; instead, the whole floor is covered with another wear layer above the subfloor for added protection.

If you want the added comfort of a carpet, consider adding area rugs to the basement. Area rugs made from manufactured materials are a great option.

vinyl life proof flooring for basement
The Trend Of Vinyl Flooring For Basement

Check Out These Carpet Tiles Flooring Trends

Nothing can beat the cozy appeal of carpet, and if you want to enjoy all the benefits of carpet without the hassle of installing traditional carpeting, carpet tiles are a great alternative. Unlike area rugs, carpet tiles interlock and mimic the look of wall-to-wall carpeting.

One of the hottest trends in carpeting and tiles is bright, bold colors. This is ideal for a smaller room, as these bold colors can overwhelm a larger space.

Patterned carpeting is also making a huge comeback and can work with almost any space. If you want to create a much more peaceful, serene environment, choose carpets in neutral colors or cool tones, such as muted blue or light gray. The straight lines you can achieve will also mimic tile floors.

carpet tiles flooring
Carpet Designed Flooring Tiles

Finally, one of the biggest flooring trends in Colorado is natural materials. Carpet manufactured from seagrass, jute, and sisal is a more sustainable, eco-friendly flooring option. Wool carpets are always trendy, but also be aware that this is the most expensive option, and wool carpets are not always readily available and are difficult to keep clean.


There you have it, the hottest flooring trends for 2022. No matter what your budget is or what your style preferences are, there is a flooring option out there that will work for you. If you’re not sure where to start, contact Avi’s Remodeling, and one of our design experts will be more than happy to help you with your next flooring project.

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