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The bible of General Contractors in 2021

Getting your home remodeled or planning for the home renovation is not an easy decision to make. Moreover, home remodeling needs people who know how to work on the design, materials, and other construction matters that need to be attended to during the process. As mentioned, it’s not an easy decision to make, but it can be worth it if you find the right people or company for your home project.

What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is one of the key persons you need to get your home project in motion. Once you find your GC, the remodeling can be done smoothly, as he’s the one who manages the whole project. Starting from the planning, designing, and executing of designs, everything is handled by general contractors. GC is the one who makes sure that every piece of the puzzle is in the right place.

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What are the benefits of Hiring (or not) a General Contractor?

Hiring a good GC is one way to make your home project a success. He will be the one who will turn your dream design into a reality. Moreover, hiring a GC will give you more benefits than you can think of.

Subcontractors: Check

Completing a construction project requires workers other than a General Contractor. He can’t be just the only one to execute all the jobs because he’s the one who manages, not the one who will do all the tasks.

The partners of general contractors are the subcontractors who helped them with the execution of every task. Subcontractors can be either an individual or company that focuses on working on a specific task like flooring, painting, installing wires and many other specified jobs.

Most of the time, the general contractors have connections to know some of the best subcontractors. So, finding subcontractors will be easier.

Finish the Project Quickly

It’s best to hire a general contractor rather than DIY a project if you expect the project to be done on a specific date. However, if you hire a GC, the chance of finishing the project on time is high.

Although there can be some problems along the process, most experienced GC’s have vast knowledge to solve unexpected situations. So, when you hire a GC, you have to make sure that they have enough experience for a successful project like Avi’s Remodelling Construction.

Avi’s Remodeling Construction has been in service of being a general contractor for more than 25 years. If you want a free consultation from us, you can call us at (720) 325-2325.

Safe and Secured Project

Home remodeling, renovations, and other constructions sometimes require permits to operate, and most of the time, it can be challenging to get those permits. Luckily, if you hire a GC, he will be responsible for securing permits for the project. As a result, you don’t have to visit many offices to acquire the permits because a GC will do it for you.

Moreover, since risk in a construction area is high, you will need a GC to ensure the safety of other workers. So, making sure that the GC that you hired is a licensed general contractor is essential.

Tips in Hiring a General Contractor in Colorado

Finding the right general contractor for your construction project is a crucial step to reach your project objective. Since the general contractor holds a massive responsibility in completing the job, it’s your job to make sure that you hire a great general contractor. You can find a suitable contractor for your home project if you follow some of the below tips:

Check for the Company’s Background

Before you make a deal with any Denver contractor, whether it’s an individual or a company, checking their background is the first tip to keep in mind. In reviewing their experiences, be sure to note how long they are in the industry. If they have been giving services for quite some time, let’s say 10 to 20 years-it’s an indication that they have enough experience.

Moreover, most older companies already built their reputation.

However, it’s not only about the duration but also the quality of their works. Try to check for their past works to know if they are good enough for your projects. You can visit their websites or their local offices to gather information about the company.

Choose Licensed General Contractors

There are plenty of businesses that offer contractor services that are not licensed. So it’s essential to check if the general contractor you will choose is licensed from the city you reside in.

Every city in Colorado has its general contractor license, ensuring that you deal with contractors with local permits. So if you’re in Denver, it’s convenient if you hire local general contractors.

Check for Reviews

Keep in mind when hiring Denver’s general contractors is checking customer reviews. It will help you know whether their services are of quality. You can check on their websites or search for reviews online. Make sure to choose a company with 4.5 and above ratings to have a successful project.

Communicate your Wants and Needs

When hiring a general contractor, it’s vital to tell him your wants and needs for the project. If you communicate effectively, the hiring process can be more straightforward than you have imagined.

Consider More Options

You need more choices if you want to hire the right general contractor for your projects. The more options you got, the more chances of finding a suitable contractor. Compare two or three estimates from various companies from the methods they use, material, and timelines.

How to Hire (and where to find) a General Contractor in Colorado?

Hiring a GC is never easier because of the advancement of technologies. You can visit a website or call a company to give you a free estimate and consultation. Here’s the easiest way to hire a GC in Denver, CO:

Step 1: Search for a contractor near me and click for Avi’s Remodeling Construction. It will redirect you to Avi’s Remodeling website, where you can find more information about our company and services.

Step 2: Call us at (720) 325-2325 for a free estimate and consultation

Step 3: Get your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom remodeled by our licensed general contractors.

 How to become a GC in Colorado?

Colorado is one of the magnificent states that offers a plethora of opportunities for new general contractors. In addition, the rate of home improvement projects in the state continues to rise, so it is a great place to chill, live, have fun and start a business of construction services. But the question that you might have in mind is, how can I become a GC in Colorado?

Well, becoming a general contractor in Colorado is simple as getting a license for a general contractor. However, getting the license carries a lot of requirements that you have to acquire. It can be pretty overwhelming, but it will be worth it once you get your general contractor license.

Here’s a simple guide by Avi that you can follow to go on with becoming a GC in Colorado:

Determine the Local Licensing Requirements

The first thing that you need to do is to know the specific requirements from your municipality since the requirements differ from one city of Colorado to another. So, if you live in Denver, you have to go to your local municipal building and ask for the licensing requirements.

Ready Documents Needed

  • Education and Work Background

Most of the cities in Colorado require documents that prove your background, education, and experience. It’s one of the initial requirements that you need to keep in mind to get your license. Make sure to include job certification or contracts from your previous jobs to go to the next step.

  • Licenses and other Certification

If you have previous licenses or acquired certification, you must always be ready to present documents proving that you had them.

  • Prepare for Additional Requirements

Like Denver, other cities in Colorado require specific documents and certification before they would let you apply for a GC license. For example, if you’re planning to start your career in Denver, you need to show a supervisor certificate and charges in electrical or plumbing.

The additional pre-requisite varies on which city you plan to apply for the general contractor license. You can check out the specific requirements of each city here.

Tax ID Number

Another thing that you have to obtain before applying for your license is the tax id number since it’s one of the requirements for opening a business in the United States. However, you can apply for an Employee Identification Number online for free.

Apply for the License

The application for the GC license does not stop from presenting all those documents. But, what type of license is suitable for your business. It can be either a license of General Contractor, Building Contractor, or Residential.

Once you determine the type of license, you will have to take and pass a licensing exam based on the license you’re applying for. Some of the municipalities of Colorado accept the National Standard Building Contractor Exam certified by ICC. Ensure to check if your city is also taking this type of exam to avoid delays in your application.

After processing your application and passing the required examination, you’ll be eligible to get your contractor’s license.

What Does a General Contractor do?

If you want to start a contracting business in Denver or another city in Colorado, you must understand your role as a construction manager. It will help you understand and grasp the job that you’re going to do. It’s essential the responsibilities of being a general contractor before you work as one.

A general contractor usually has various roles that they need to accomplish. The duties of general contractors depend on the one who hires them. Here are some of Avi’s most common tasks of a GC:

  • Creating the Project Plan

In every construction project, a plan is essential to work on the project smoothly. Whether it’s a kitchen remodeling project, basement, bathroom, bedroom, or a complete renovation, it requires a solid plan.

The general contractor ensures that all the tasks and activities to complete the project are well-plotted. In addition, he makes a clear guide to follow regarding the working time, materials needed, and even the budget for the whole project.

Helps with the Design Phase

Most of the time, architects and general contractors separately do their jobs. Architects draw the design of the project while the general contractors give life to the plan. However, sometimes, completing a project can be quickly executed when both of them work together.

So, there are times that general contractors are engaged even in the design phase of the project. When they work together, the GC will work with the architect concerning the materials needed to realize the architect’s design. He will make a cost estimation based on the design, which can be helpful for both parties and the client.

When the GC estimates the cost of the materials based on the design, it will be easier for the architect to reconsider the design when it overlaps the client’s budget. In addition, it will save him from starting the design all over.

Design Planning

Based on the architect’s design, the general contractor will plan the execution of the design to turn it into reality. It’s the contractor’s responsibility to choose suitable materials that complement the design. For example, if the client wants to remodel their bathroom, he will make sure that the floor tiles are ideal for the design without compromising the quality.

It’s also part of the general contractor’s duties to hire the right subcontractors who will participate in the design planning. Subcontractors are hired with specific tasks like painting, flooring, plumbing, installation of appliances, and other designing duties. It will be the GC’s job to plan the activities of these subcontractors.

A general contractor is essential for effective communication between workers, homeowners, and other project participants. He ensures that all parties involved are communicating clearly, as communication is critical to the successful planning and execution of the project.

Building Safety Codes

Construction works can pose dangers to workers, especially for a massive construction project. That’s why it’s required to follow the building safety codes before starting a project. Building safety codes are usually the guides of most contractors, architects, and building owners to reduce or avoid potential hazards.

General contractors (especially in Denver) are responsible for ensuring that the building they are constructing considers the welfare of the occupants and even the community. This is mainly done for new building construction where the GC checks for proper ventilation, fire safety, electricity, and structural integrity.

Moreover, acquiring legal permits before starting the project is also the task of most general contractors. Legal permits will help the project to advance without delays. So, general contractors need to be updated and knowledgeable about the legal requirements and licenses.

Build the Project

As mentioned, the general contractor is typically the key person to construct the project successfully. He is the player of chess who moves the pieces and performs a solid checkmate. He plans, budgets, and executes the tasks needed to build the project and satisfy his client.

  • Functions as the Construction Manager

As a construction manager, a GC manages everything to realize a project starting from managing the materials, the workers, funds, activities, and many other duties.

A general contractor ensures that he buys the right and high-quality materials for the project. He tracks the supply of the materials to avoid delays. He is also the person behind buying or renting equipment to make the job easier.

In terms of funds, a GC is responsible for keeping everything in budget. It’s his job to write a report for every purchase to ensure that there are enough funds to continue working with the project.

He also manages the workers and subcontractors and ensures that they are doing their part based on the plan. Finally, the general contractor is the one who moves the workers from one task to another to complete the project smoothly.

The roles and responsibilities (there are many) of a general contractor can be overwhelming. However, the duties that he needs to perform depends on the needs of the homeowner or clients. Therefore, his job can be mentioned above or other responsibilities depending on the construction project.

Costs of Hiring a General Contractor

The cost of a General Contractor varies in every country. However, in the state of Colorado, specifically in the city of Denver, there is an estimated average cost for acquiring general contractors for home projects. Mostly it’s ranging from $1,427 up to $5,048 as the maximum cost.

However, it can still vary depending on the contractor that you will hire. They will assess the working hours needed to complete the project, materials, and labor. If you want to have a free estimate for your construction project from a trusted general contractor, you can call Avi’s Remodeling Contractors at (720) 325-2325.

Avi’s Remodeling Contractors

Avi’s Remodeling Contractors is a trusted company in Denver where you can find an experienced and licensed General Contractor. They have been serving the homeowners of Colorado for 25 years. You can reach them at their website or on the number mentioned above for your construction needs.

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