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Popular Room Additions in Denver, CO

Most homeowners in Denver, CO, know that their home is more than just a blend of impressive architecture and efficient construction. A well-thought-out design is usually the result of creative ideas and clever innovations that turn an average property into a unique living space. It takes a unique vision to create such a place, but it also requires the right additions.

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Here’s a list of 3 of the most popular room additions in Denver:

Media Room

Media rooms are often built as part of home theaters. They usually contain comfortable seating and surround sound speakers that help to immerse residents in the movie or show they’re watching.

However, many people now prefer to build their media rooms as stand-alone spaces with their own entertainment systems and individual lighting. The following photos show different media rooms explicitly designed as such:

sound room denver

Bathroom Additions

Bathroom additions are becoming more and more common in Denver, CO. This is due in part to the increasing demand for spa-like bathrooms that can help homeowners relax at the end of a long day.

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These rooms may include jetted tubs, stand-alone showers, heated floors, skylights, cupboards, and mirrors with dimming lights. The following images show just some of the striking accents that these areas might offer:

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A sunroom or greenhouse can be used to grow plants or simply allow residents to enjoy an oasis within their busy schedules.

These spaces are often constructed with durable windows (skyscrapers), heating (electric radiators), cooling (air conditioning), and ventilation (heat or fans).

They can be made to look like an indoor garden with walls, flooring, and ceiling materials that mimic those found in nature.

These additions can become major focal points within a home. However, they should only be attempted if the homeowner has adequate building experience to avoid any potential problems during construction.

Contact Denver Remodeling General Contractor for more information about home renovations and room additions if you’re interested in bringing such ideas to life.

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Top 3 Media Room Trends 2020

If you’re ready to turn an ordinary living room into a great media room, it’s important to be aware of Denver’s latest trends.

Fortunately, there are several easy-to-implement ideas that even first-time homeowners can use to enhance their own spaces. Here are 3 of the most popular choices for 2020:

multi function furniture

Multi-functional Furniture

Besides being stylish and comfortable, furniture can also be built with special features that allow users to take advantage of any digital devices they bring into the space.

For example, convertible ottomans or chairs with storage compartments underneath offer a place for people to store their remotes and other accessories during times when they will not be used.

Meanwhile, sofas with cup holders can ensure that drinks or snacks are within easy reach during movie nights.

wireless sound system

Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers give homeowners more freedom to arrange their furniture as they please without worrying about audio equipment placement.

These devices usually come equipped with infrared technology that allows them to be controlled from a distance using a remote, smartphone app, or basic universal remotes found in most homes.

In addition, wireless speakers typically have built-in touchscreen displays so people can easily access their digital libraries without interrupting what’s happening on the big screen at the other end of the room.



It’s easy for media rooms to look bland and unfinished if accessories aren’t used properly. Fortunately, several tricks can help you avoid this problem.

For instance, digital picture frames and other wall-mounted devices should be placed in locations that won’t distract viewers from the media playing on different screens (e.g., televisions and projectors).

Owners may also want to keep climate controls close to their seats, so they don’t have to get up during a heated movie or show.

Top 3 Bathroom Trends of 2022

Bathroom trends come and go, but some of them are more enduring than others. Here are some of the best bathroom trends for 2022:

walk in shower denver

Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers have been popular for years because they offer homeowners a luxurious way to relax after a long day.

These spaces typically include frameless glass doors, multiple shower heads, rainfall showerheads, speakers, and benches or seats. They can be divided into various levels so people can sit directly under streaming water without worrying about its pressure.

People who want to use the space as a steam room may also install chromotherapy bulbs to increase humidity during warm seasons.

floating veneties

Floating vanities

Floating vanities will also gain popularity as they will give bathrooms a highly modern look while freeing up floor space. They will look incredible, especially on-trend, if minimalist styling has no adornments or excesses whatsoever.

Cabinets with clean lines and polished surfaces will allow sinks, faucets, water filters, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, etc., to shine.

Crystal accents

A luxurious look can be achieved with crystal décor pieces that feature candles or aromatherapy elements like essential oils.

Water features, such as scented candles along the windowsill, are also very on-trend for 2022. People will buy these items en masse to help transform their bathrooms into relaxing oases.

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Top 3 Sunroom Trends 2022

Finally, sunrooms are gaining popularity among homeowners because they offer an ideal place to relax or entertain guests in almost any season.

These spaces bring the great outdoors inside while also protecting users from wind and rain. Here are three popular trends likely to become trending in 2022:

Built-in entertainment units

The most important function of a sunroom is to be able to take advantage of its surrounding views without feeling too exposed or distracted by the elements.

People will design these spaces with built-in entertainment units like shelves, cabinets, and countertops to hold TVs, speakers (wireless or otherwise), game consoles, etc.

So viewers can feel completely immersed in their favorite films or shows regardless of whether they’re indoors or out.

Shelves and cabinets will also provide a place to store electronic devices, such as digital picture frames, speakers, and remote controls.

room flooring decoration

Plant décor

Because these spaces bring the outdoors inside, plants will be everywhere in sunrooms. Owners can try hanging plants on walls or curtain rods if their ceilings don’t feature any space for greenery.

They can also opt to put potted plants on shelves and plant stands near large windows where they’ll get plenty of sunlight. In addition, a strip of soil with a few succulents along the floor underneath a window is another good way to create an attractive focal point without taking up too much room.

Plenty of seating

Homeowners often use sunrooms as outdoor extensions of their living spaces, so they should ensure that there’s plenty of seating available to accommodate guests.

While chairs and lounging sets make for excellent seating options, people can also consider adding benches, ottomans with storage space, and coffee tables if they would like some extra room.

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Our Bonus Trend – Top 3 Home Theatre Trends 2022

As construction costs continue to increase and labor shortages become more widespread in North America and Europe, homeowners will begin looking for ways to reduce the time it takes builders to finish their homes.

With this in mind, HGTV recently identified three home theater trends that are likely to remain popular through at least 2022:

Cove lighting

Cove lighting refers to sleek lines of lights (most often LEDs) installed behind cabinets, shelves, or molding around the room’s perimeter. These lights are usually installed on dimmers so homeowners can adjust lighting levels to suit their moods and activities.

Ambient and accent lighting

Multi-purpose ambient and accent lighting systems ensure that homeowners never have two dull spaces in their homes again.

These systems typically employ recessed, track, or pendant lights to illuminate large areas or targeted zones like sofas or dining tables. With built-in dimmers and motion sensors, these fixtures can create moods without requiring homeowners to do anything but flip a switch.

Fireplace inserts

While fireplace inserts are already commonplace among home theaters, this trend will remain popular through 2022 because heated rooms are incredibly comfortable in even the coldest climates.

These units are perfect winter additions for relatively open spaces where complete fireplaces would be an eyesore or pose safety hazards with all their surrounding flammable materials.

12 Great Reasons To Use A General Contractor In Denver For New Construction

There are many reasons why you should use a general contractor to build your new construction home in Denver rather than trying to do it yourself or only hiring subcontractors

  1. You’ll save money by doing so.
  2. You’ll have one person handling all aspects of your project.
  3. General contractors work closely with building officials and inspectors in the city to ensure your job is done right.
  4. A general contractor will work with you on your new home’s budget, style, and size.
  5. General contractors can show you many examples of their previous work.
  6. A general contractor will use their own employees who are skilled laborers.
  7. You’ll have one person to point out what you want to be changed or added.
  8. You won’t get bids from subcontractors that are competing against each other, so you’ll get more for your money.
  9. General contractors will talk with the homeowners association if it applies.
  10. Your house will be built faster than if using subcontractors alone.
  11. General contractors know where to buy materials at wholesale prices.
  12. A general contractor has access to financing options for their clients.

For more information on how to build your new house in Denver using a general contractor, please call us at 720-325-2325.

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