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New Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

New kitchen trends will be related to the way people spend time in the kitchen, how they interact with their kitchens and what they want from it.

The kitchen is changing to become more than just a room with cooking facilities – it’s becoming a family hub where different generations gather around the table or make a cup of coffee in the morning.

It’s about quality time with your family and friends, working in a well-lit environment with easy access to all your necessary tools.

Kitchens that are stylish and functional and make it easier for us to spend time together.

“The 21st-century kitchen is all about being family-friendly, a room where we can all spend quality time together.”

Best kitchen trends for 2022

Kitchen design trends 2022

Kitchen trends 2022 will be all about light. Light brings warmth and a sense of calmness into a space, making it more welcoming for the family to spend time there.

The latest kitchen design trends bring natural light from large windows in kitchens, both at ground level and higher up ones. Windows play an essential role in bringing light into a room and in creating openness.

Small kitchen designs in Denver CO

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

“A modern kitchen has to be functional, stylish, and made up of high-quality materials that don’t only look good but last for years to come.”

Modern kitchens are all about creating a seamless design. This includes modern kitchen cabinets, which have become more streamlined and contemporary than ever before.

kitchen cabinet designs denver co
Best kitchen designs Denver CO

Kitchen cabinet colors latest trends 2022

One of the latest trends within kitchen cabinets is a monochromatic color scheme. Modern kitchens have become minimalist-inspired spaces with a bare minimum of white and neutral shades, such as gray and black.

dark kitchen design

Dark shades are back!

Dark colors such as deep brown and gray have seen a huge resurgence in popularity. This trend looks great with the latest kitchen cabinets and helps create an elegant, relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen.

blue kitchen design

Dark blue kitchen cabinets

The latest kitchen trends for 2022 include dark blue, which is unexpected but surprisingly works well with white. It creates an exciting contrast to brighten up your kitchen walls.

Sage green kitchen cabinets

Sage green is a subtle shade that works well with any other color scheme. It’s not only considered one of the natural kitchen colors, but it also gives off an airy, calming feeling in the kitchen.

tall kitchen units

Wall cabinets and tall units

Tall wall cabinets are ample in modern kitchens. This trend is significant for creating a more spacious feel to your kitchen, making it seem less cluttered and chaotic.

It’s the perfect solution for built-in household appliances such as a microwave, coffee machine, refrigerator, and oven.

Tall units also have enough room for small storage boxes and can even function as a bookshelf.

handless kitchen cabinets

Handleless kitchen cabinet doors

Thanks to new technologies and design elements, cabinet doors without handles are another growing trend in a modern kitchen. It creates clean lines in the kitchen interior when there are no handles on the base units and upper cabinets.

smart kitchen appliances

Smart household appliances

Smart household devices are at the forefront of kitchen trends in the new decade. The main advantage is that you can control them from your smartphone or tablet.

The growing popularity of smart household appliances is becoming a new trend amongst millennials that are more influenced by new technologies and design ideas.

small kitchen remodel

Small kitchen designs and colors

Small kitchens are becoming more popular than ever before. However, these spaces don’t need to feel cramped and cluttered – they can be chic, loaded with style, and bright by using bright colors on the walls.

You’re probably asking, “Sure, but which colors?” Well, that depends on your color palette. Take into consideration that bright colors can also be neutral colors and at the same time perfectly match natural materials like raw wood.

Best gloss kitchen Denver CO

Kitchen cabinets in glossy finishes

Modern kitchen designs that are trending in the current decade are more about minimalism and sleekness. Glass, stainless steel, and plastic finishes are quite popular with homeowners nowadays.

Kitchen cabinets with glossy finishes and glass fronts can transform an ordinary kitchen into a contemporary space that’s still vibrant enough to invite the whole family.

open Kitchen remodel esitmat

Kitchen cabinets in a matte finish

A matte finish is perfect if you want to emphasize natural textures like wood or metal. So, if your work surface or breakfast bar is made of natural materials like a wood top and kitchen furniture with metallic legs, it’s best to stick with kitchen cabinets in this finish.

Open Kitchen concept

The concept of an open kitchen is a big trend that remains popular and is here to stay for quite some time. The grand idea behind it is to make the kitchen more accessible and integrated into a living space.

This means that you can see what your guests are doing in the living space and get everything done with ease and convenience in the kitchen space. You can always add a kitchen island with open shelves and cupboards for kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories.

panoram of kitchen remodel

Kitchen island with table and chairs?

If you want to make your kitchen more functional, it’s best to have an island in the middle of the space that serves as a breakfast nook or dining area. Some homeowners are even opting for round kitchen islands with a table where four chairs can comfortably fit.

quartz countertops

Kitchen countertops

Quartz and marble remain popular kitchen countertop materials, but homeowners are also considering granite and wood. Granite is a hard rock with durability, strength, and luxury that many homebuyers look for in their kitchen design.

Wood is the perfect choice for an eco-friendly kitchen where you can add texture to your kitchen design while adding warmth at the same time. It’s also much more affordable compared to granite and marble.

Kitchen window panels

kitchen window panels

If you’ve got a big kitchen, you should add windows. This is because natural light makes the space livelier. It also brightens up the room and allows for better visibility of your backyard or backyard garden.

kitchen lightining & fixture

Kitchen lighting fixtures

Lighting is an integral part of any interior. The kitchen space is no exception because you want it to be well lit and functional.

The most popular concept that’s expected to stay strong in this decade is using a combination of recessed lights, under-cabinet lighting, pendant lights over the island, open shelving lighting, and track lighting for a linear and sophisticated look.

kitchen hood

Kitchen extractor hood

With the growing popularity of open kitchens, a new trend was born: kitchen design with an extractor hood.

It’s not only convenient to have one installed at eye-level height, but some homeowners also feel that it’s more aesthetically pleasing and provides a cleaner look to the kitchen space.

Design ideas for dining rooms that match kitchen facades?

The interior design ideas for a dining room that goes along with the kitchen facade are pretty simple. You can complement your minimalist and sleek kitchen design with simple yet elegant furniture like white chairs.

If you want to play around with colors, go for light hues of blue, green, or yellow – they’ll add more brightness to the overall interior design of your home.

An increasingly popular color palette for a dining room is white paired with dark shades of brown, gray, or black and colored chairs that add more life to the interior design.

How to pick living room furniture for modern kitchen interiors?

In the past few years, kitchen interiors with a modern design have become more and more popular. With that said, don’t you think it’s time also to update your living room furniture for this new decade?

For starters, don`t be afraid of bold colors like reds or blues if you wouldn`t mind having a kitchen interior in one of these hues; it’s the perfect time to revamp your living room so you can have cohesive home decor.

Another thing to keep in mind, modern kitchen interior designs tend to be more minimalistic than traditional ones. For this reason, furniture should also be minimalist and reflect this concept.

post categories for denver constr

Posts categories for the entire kitchen

A kitchen is not just about cooking and washing dirty dishes. Sometimes, we also want to sit with our guests over a lovely meal in the dining area or enjoy a good book on the breakfast bar.

With that said, it’s best to think about comfort when designing your kitchen space. Make sure there is enough space for books and magazines so you can feel at home while reading them.

It will be better to use a higher table since it’s more convenient to read and sip from coffee in the morning. It’s also recommended to use a bar stool so you can easily reach the countertop.

2022 Design a kitchen

Design a kitchen for your home

Since we are talking about interior design, it’s best to describe your space’s size and shape. This way, we can recommend ideas that will suit your kitchen area. Talk to us and let us know what you’re looking for so that we could provide help in designing the perfect kitchen for you.

kitchen interior

What not to do in kitchen interiors

  • A good example of unnecessary details in a kitchen design is a nook. It is used in traditional interior design, but it won’t fit in modern designs because it makes the kitchen feel overcrowded.
  • You also don’t need to use a vast amount of colors in your kitchen. You want to have an interior that feels lighter, which can be achieved with minimalist furniture and light shades like white or black.
  • And one last thing: using too much greenery is another mistake that might ruin your modern kitchen design.

2022 kitchen trends in denver

The summary of modern kitchen trends 2022

Even if the kitchen is a place where we spend lots of time cooking and doing stuff like washing dishes, it should be a place where you would feel at home. That’s why interior design ideas for the kitchen should be practical and follow the latest modern decor trends.

The kitchen trends in 2022 will be more refined than those we have right now – they will still use minimalist furniture but with bolder colors and contemporary materials.

But even though these trends are going to dominate for a few years yet, many young interior designers dare to break the rules and create something new. Who knows? Maybe in 2022, we’ll see the next design revolution!

We hope you enjoyed the ideas we have mentioned above. It’s time to make your own kitchen interior design and make sure you like it; otherwise, it won’t be a comfortable place for you to hang out with friends or family.

The good news is that it won’t take you long to update your kitchen space with today’s technology if it doesn’t match your modern lifestyle. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you with interior design ideas for your kitchen!

We’re here to transform your home into the perfect reflection of who you are, what you love, how you live. Let’s discuss how we can bring those elements into reality in the space that matters most…yours!

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