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How to flip a house in Denver, CO?

Flipping a house is not just a matter of fashion, it’s an investment, a solution to the housing crisis, and a profitable means for many people. The reasons why one would wish to flip a house are various, but at the end of the day it all comes down to money. In order to flip a house successfully one must follow certain guidelines as well as have some sort of knowledge about construction work and renovations.

Here are some of the benefits you gain after flipping your house.

good benefits
What are some slandered benefits?

Standard benefits:

– You’ll be able to live in a new home while making money.

– You’ll learn how to be a smart investor.

Emotional benefits:

– Be your own boss and make decisions that matter to you.

– Gain the knowledge of an expert on flipping houses.

By the end of 2022, average home prices in the Denver metro area could reach $660k

According to investment bankers, property values in the Denver area are near to set a record. Goldman Sachs recently published a projection of the future housing market in the United States. Restricted supply will cause house prices to rise 16%.

If the trend is predicted in Colorado, the metro area’s single-family home price will top $701,290 by January 2022.

Prices will almost certainly rise even more. This forecast predicts that in 2022, the most recent median home price will be $662,000. However, house prices have generally risen over the course of September to January in the previous five years. In January 2022, the Denver metro area will begin Goldman Sachs’s anticipated growth from a higher baseline price point.

news about covid 19
Covid 19 is still here, protect yourself!

The Covid-19 pandemic is still here!

With low-interest rates available now, the buyers cannot be happier than that. The monthly return is significantly lower than the average rent payments. As Avi’s experts said: “Push the pedal on the “flip house” metal as soon as you can, now it’s a perfect time.

How long does it take to flip a house?

Typically, a house renovation project takes about 2 to 7 months. It all depends on the type of housing and the extent of the remodeling work. The average person can finish renovations in 3-5 months, however, it’s advised to take at least six months for major works such as an extension or changing the structure of a building.

Is flipping houses profitable?

Even if the housing market is still recovering, there is no doubt that flipping houses can be very profitable. As one may have heard many stories of success about people who managed to flip a house in 1 or 2 months and made nice sums of money.

best ways to find house flips
What are amazing ways to find house flips?

How to find houses to flip?

It’s hard nowadays. House flipping in Denver is becoming popular, which results in increased inventory. The availability of homes for renovation increases significantly in highly desired neighborhoods with the need for special renovation.

What is the 70% rule?

For every $100 you invest in repairs, the home is worth an additional 30%.

The 70% rule says that an investor should pay 70% of their purchase price minus whatever work needs to be done. The value will increase once this property has been fully repaired and all damages resolved so long as there was not too much damage when buying it in the first place!

how to flip your kitchen
Cheap ways to flip a kitchen.

Flip your old Kitchen

Cabinetry is one of the most expensive parts when it comes to kitchen remodels. The average cost for cabinets ranges anywhere between $15,000 and 40% off your entire budget. In some cases even more than 20%. We offer the best Kitchen Remodel in Denver.

Does a new kitchen increase house value?

A new kitchen can add up to 10% of the value of your home. The actual percentage will depend on what you pay for, how much work is needed, and if there are any issues with our current one that needs fixing before installing yours!

What adds value to a kitchen?

Make Sure It’s the Right Height. In a neutral color scheme, use a dry erase board and see if this is something you can work with. Cabinets should be refreshed. Replace any broken or outdated fixtures with energy-efficient ones to reduce strain on your electricity bills while still providing some ambiance in your room. Update hardware and lighting to add more.

rusty bathroom
How to flip an old rusty bathroom into a brand new one?

Flip your rusty bathroom

Bathroom remodels are some of the most popular home renovations today. The average cost of flipping a bathroom starts at around $7k-$15k. The most expensive part is the labor fee which is about 40%-70% of the total cost.

What is the best investment when flipping a bathroom?

You may get back 58% of this in resale value. For an upscale or luxurious project though (such as installing marble & granite countertops), the price tags can reach upwards of $57K and only recoup around 46%.

Is it worth renovating the bathroom before selling?

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom before selling can give you a large return on investment, but if the work isn’t done carefully and thoughtfully then it will lower both its value as well as how much money people are willing to pay for that home.

good and cheap patio
Best patio that I can get for cheap

Add a patio or build a deck

Patios and decks are a great addition to any new house. They’re a valuable asset that can add thousands of dollars to your home. The return on investment for a new patio or deck ranges from 20% to 60%.

How much does it cost to build a deck?

According to US News, the average price of building a deck is around $8,243 with a larger deck costing between $11,500 and $30,000.

What is the average size of a deck?

US News reports that the average deck is about 352 square feet in Denver metro area. They also stated that most decks are from 10 to 20 feet from floor to railing height.

how to build a patio
Best and cheapest patio

Does building a patio is a trend?

More and more people during the Covid-19 pandemic are looking for adding outdoor living spaces. And, if your land is big enough, you will find that people would love to have a large patio or deck where they can relax with their friends. Yes. patio contractors in Denver are very busy these days.

Flip the floppy basement!

Flipping a basement is one of the hottest trends in home renovations these days. The average cost for flipping a basement ranges from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on how much work needs to be done. Basements in Denver are usually unfinished which means that this space has the potential to increase the square footage of your house so you can rent or sell it for more money.

Is it really worth your time to renovate the basement?

Yes! If you are looking to flip your house, one of the best things you can do is to make sure that any basement will function as a finished space. We have been flipping basements in Denver for years and we have done a lot of amazing renovations!

Basement remodel VS. Basement finish

You should always finish the basement instead of having a half-finished one. This way, you can increase your square footage and your resale value.

The most expensive part is installing an egress window if it is required by local building codes. In Denver, CO some homes do require new or additional windows to bring natural light into the basement. Window costs range from $1,500 to $4,000 on average.

basement flip
How to professionally flip your basement

The ideal professional for flipping a basement?

A contractor is the best option when it comes to this job. However, you can always do it yourself if you have enough patience and knowledge on how to fix things.

Full house flipping from scratch!

Flipping a house from scratch is an interesting project. Here, at Avi’s Remodeling Contractors we advise getting a free quote from at least 3 remodeling experts near you. These big projects require in-depth details about everything you are planning to do.

A solid plan will avoid arguments with your flipping contractor. In a case of dis-agreements, you can always go to court in order to sue your damaged project. Hiring a lawyer to write down an agreement between you and your contractor is a must.

How to increase your house value in Denver?

Whether you want to sell your property or you just want to live in a luxury house, there are many ways to increase your house value. From cleaning out the debris and painting your house sidings, to re-design your curb appeal. Avi’s experts will be glad to advise you on the best ways to increase your property value.

What is a “curb appeal”?

Curb appeal is a general term that refers to the attractiveness of homes from the public areas, such as sidewalks and driveways. To make your home more attractive from the outside, you need to give it a good curb appeal by cleaning out the debris and plantation. Planting colorful flowers will also increase your house value.

why do i need a landscaper
Best landscapers in Denver

Why should I hire a landscaper?

Landscapers specialize in outdoor landscaping, including planting and maintaining trees, shrubs, and other plants inside or outside your home. They can provide you with several recommendations regarding how to maintain and take care of your garden.

Does home flipping worth the cost?

Not always. Although flipping a house is not an easy project, you should always consider your budget. If you are not planning to sell it in the near future, then do not worry about increasing its value. It’s easier and cheaper to clean up the debris yourself.

Don’t expect a too expensive remodeling to be worth it. On the other hand, too cheap renovations will not increase your house value. Learn about what to do and what to be aware of when deciding on home renovations.

What are the advantages of home flipping?

The main benefit of this project is that you get an instant return on your investment. Of course, if you are planning to sell your house soon, remodeling it will increase its value and will allow you to have more options when it comes to selling it or renting it.

Avi’s professionals offer a wide range of services, including – Repairs and Replacements, and Renovated residences for sale in and around Denver.

What does it mean “Corporation or Trust”?

Did you know that if the Seller Type on a home’s listing is “Corporation or Trust” then it has likely been recently renovated by an investor? That means these properties may have some of today’s newest features, like appliances and fixtures. To find out for sure though we need to search all homes in your area with this type as well as what kind of buyer they are listed under – could be individuals looking at buying their first house OR someone else renting from them but wants something newer instead.

house fliping
Avi’s Remodeling can flip your home

Is it worth flipping a house in Denver, CO?

The answer to this question is truly up to you. Remember that flipping houses always come with risks, but also rewards. If done correctly, flipping a home can be very profitable and it could help you gain equity fast.

However, if not carried out correctly or in the wrong areas, home renovations can result in increased costs and increased liabilities. It’s essential to know in advance what you’re planning to do and how much investing in home flipping your house is worth.

How to find the best home flipping company?

If you are not a resident of Colorado state then you will have to start research before hiring the best home flipping company. Read online reviews, contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and ask friends for advice on finding a reputable company.

A great way to search for local home flipping companies is by calling Avi’s office. We have nationwide connections with many remodeling companies across the US.

What is flipping?

Flip houses are a popular way to earn money in the United States, and flipping is done by real estate investors. They buy properties that will generate revenue for them when they sell it at an increased price later on down the road after making repairs or renovations like new paint jobs throughout most areas of your house (depending).

Avi’s Flipping Houses Experts

Flipping a house is something you want to do by a professional. However, there is plenty of do-it-yourself guides online that can be a hassle to try and follow through. You may end up spending more money than you want to try to accomplish the task without knowing what you’re doing.

top 10 flipping mistakes
What are the most common mistakes when flipping a home?

Flipping mistakes you cannot afford

The housing market is on fire! It’s been a great year for investors, and things just keep getting better. More people are buying homes as investments than ever before- with some experts predicting that half of all mortgages will be flipped within ten years. And it doesn’t look like the trend will slow anytime soon: according to Avi’s experts in the 2019 U.S Home Flipping Report 6% – or nearly one out five–home sales in America were done so by someone who bought the property at an auction site then made changes before putting their own stamp on things again.

Know your budget and limits

One of the most important steps in purchasing a new home is finding an affordable mortgage that meets your needs. You must make sure your budget fits your plans.

How to flip a house with no experience?

In short. By a phone call to Avi’s Remodeling Contractors. On the long side, You must avoid unprofessional work. No matter how good the DIY seems, you can lose everything by taking shortcuts.

This is very important. Never try to flip a house without help from a home improvement company. This can be an expensive mistake if you don’t know what you’re doing – and it could even cost you your savings or your customers’ love for your work.

Flipping houses 101 with Avi’s

Avi’s Remodeling Contractors are available to meet you in person, taking into consideration all of your concerns. In addition, we will be glad to provide a pro help on flipping a house for you. With our 101 Flipping Houses service, you are covered top to bottom. Let Avis pros handle your next property flipping for you.

best realtors for flipping
What is a flipping realtor?

The big realtors complex flipping

At Avi’s, we work with many real estate agents, realtors, and investors on a daily basis. Flipping a housing complex is different than any home flipping project. Avi’s team provides all flipping plans and 3D models when working with the realtors.

You may have only one house or project to manage, and that’s fine. On the other way, don’t lose your hands, running after your tail. Give Avi’s Remodeling Contractors the chance to prove our quality and commitment to every single one of your projects, from a house flip to a large apartment complex.

Flip a house into a business

Flipping a house is not for fun purposes only. Yes, you can put your new video theater in the basement, but that’s not what your customers want.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we encounter many business owners that are interesting in flipping their house into a functional business. Our experts will help you to make the right choices, tools, and marketing plans for your business.

Game-changer – Are you ready to flip your house?

If you are planning to sell your property after the job is done, no problem. After flipping a house you need good marketing. Avi’s insiders know there are many ways to sell your home easier and faster than you could imagine.

Flip your house – Work with Avi’s Remodeling & Construction

You don’t need to do all the work yourself unless you love it. But if you want to be successful long-term in flipping houses visit our office and let us take care of your homes flipping project.

selling home in denver co
Best ways to sell a home

“Sell this house” service at Avi’s

Avi’s Remodeling Contractors can help you to sell your flipped house! With their expert services, Avi’s team will put the property on sale and do all of its work for minimal costs. Once they’re done with marketing it as well as showcasing upgrades like new paint jobs in every room or custom trimming around windows – YOU’LL BE SET FOR LIFE!! So what are ya waiting for? Call Avis’ remodeling company today!

Sell your haunted house

I am sure you know that there is a fair of people who are interested in buying haunted houses. With our home-making process, the word “Haunted” will never be used regarding your property.

Avi’s team will flip any brick and flap any wall, to make the old haunted house look like a palace. Our experienced remodeling contractors, painters, and marketers will work with you 24/7 to get your house in the best condition. The sell-it service comes in handy!

If you have an extra room in your haunted house our experts can help you rent it out online.

Get rid of smelly odors – Make your house smell good!

Have you ever noticed that many properties don’t smell good? We all love fresh air, right? Well, Avi’s experts have years of experience with making homes smell pleasant. With our house flipping services, we have a professional house-stink removal service. Close your eyes and smell the result in just a few hours.

Flip this house – Or sell it for less?

You can choose to leave the house flipping to the next residents, but do you know the real price of not doing so? You will lose money every day for neglecting your property.

best home flippers
What does it mean to be a great flipper?

Michelle and Sasha flipping a house in Denver, CO

Michelle and Sasha had just purchased their first home, a beautiful three-story house in the middle of Denver. As they began to remodel the inside of the home, they realized that it wasn’t going to be an easy task.

There were many things wrong with this old mansion, including holes in the walls and bathrooms without working toilets. Michelle and Sasha consulted with one of Denver’s best flipping companies for help after realizing that their whole plan was off track.

The company quickly assessed all areas of need within a day before giving them a final price quote: $150K for everything needed to get started on fixing up this old building into something new and modern! They immediately accepted because both parties knew that it would be worth every penny when finished.

Structural fixing- up has begun

The first thing that needed to be done was the foundation. A flimsy ramshackle foundation simply wouldn’t do for this building! The Denver company brought in heavy machinery to completely tear down all walls around the foundation so that it could be replaced with excellent quality cement. It wasn’t easy removing all of the old brick but after a day of work, the foundation was looking more solid than ever before.

Flooring phase

The next step involved remodeling each room one by one. The flooring needed to be redone in some rooms because the planks were old and weak. New tiles were overlaid onto the floor where necessary while carpets were installed into others. Each room was carefully measured before tiling so that it fitted perfectly with the measurements. Each room had its own unique style, so matching colors wasn’t difficult to do at all!

Renovating bathrooms is always a priority

There were numerous bathrooms throughout this big old mansion but not one of them was in good shape. One bathroom didn’t even have a working toilet! It was easy to fix up the bathrooms one by one, just like with each room. The plumbing had to do be redone which was done quickly and efficiently. New toilets were installed into every bathroom that didn’t have one while new showers were fitted where needed.

cheap renovations
What do I do if the renovations are not done?

Renovations are not yet complete!

A room needs to be considered as such, as a room. It’s what houses stuff and makes it useful. But these rooms were not meant to house anything useful at all! All they did was offer shelter from the outside world so that you could sleep in peace for the night. These old rooms needed walls and doors put back into place and they needed to be painted.

Let’s flip the kitchen!

The kitchen was such a mess that it had to be gutted and completely remodeled by hand. All of the cabinets had to go – they were simply too old and no longer in good repair. The Denver company brought in contractors who specialized in remodeling kitchens: people who could make even the drab best old room into something new and modern. New modern cabinets and countertops were installed, plumbing was quickly put in place and the flooring was replaced so that it looked brand new. A new kitchen had been created from this old one!

Additional room in the Attic

Michelle and Sasha wanted to create a new room for themselves so they went up into the attic and assessed what could be found up there. To their surprise, there were two rooms that weren’t built yet: perfect rooms for Michelle and Sasha’s new home! Tiles were placed onto the flooring of both rooms before walls had been installed; drywall was fixed up where there were holes and electrical wiring was fitted into new boxes. New light poles were installed in each room before doors were put into place and paint jobs were quickly finished so that both rooms looked brand new!

Flip the shady basement, please!

The basement was a dark, dirty, and terrible place to be in. Michelle and Sasha wanted nothing to do with it because it wasn’t fit for animals much fewer humans! Their Denver construction company had no problems whatsoever when it came to remodeling the filthy basement into something brand new and modern. The flooring needed replacement, drywall was fitted into place and electrical wiring was quickly put in. The basement needed some minor repairs here and there before it could be considered finished, but after a day’s work had been done the basement already looked like new again!

fast renovations
You can always ask Avi’s modelers how their work is going!

How is the work going?

Michelle and Sasha wanted an update on the progress of their kitchen so they went back to the building where they were working. They wanted to see how the renovations had been going and if it was going according to schedule. The contractors told them that all of the work had been going remarkably well and what’s more, everything was ahead of schedule! Michelle and Sasha couldn’t believe their ears when they heard this news- renovations were ahead of schedule? They’d have everything done even earlier than they expected!

Is it time to move in already?

Michelle and Sasha couldn’t handle waiting any longer for their renovations to finish. All of the work was finished on time so it’s finally time for them to move into their new home! Michelle and Sasha are eager to see if their home had turned into the dream home they always wished it would be. All of their old furniture had been moved out so that it could be replaced with new modern furniture. The appliances were already put in place as well as the electricity and plumbing. A new coat of paint was applied to all of the walls before everything was moved back inside and hung back up on the wall. It was finally time to walk inside and see if their home had turned into the dream home they always wanted it to become!

Their house is a dream come true!

Nick’s house flip & sold

Nick has been living in Aurora, CO for the last fifteen years. This town is very close to Denver and Nick loves that people are able to easily commute into the city without having to go through any traffic on their way there. He also loves the amazing views of Denver from his property here. However, after spending so many years here, he feels it’s time to move back closer to a family with whom he hasn’t seen enough over the past few decades.

Nick got low offers for his house, he had to think about flipping the house to gain more profit. We helped him with the house flipping strategy to get the maximum profit.

We made a plan & budget

With our experience, we know making a good plan is necessary before starting any project. After taking measurements and calculating everything we’ve come up with a good estimation. The project will cost $142k, but instead of selling the house for $400k, Nick will be able to sell the house for $750k.

remodeling preparation
Our team prepares for anything!


Before we start anything, we must make sure to prepare the land well. We need to build a sturdy foundation for Nick’s house and also clear the debris from the property. This will ensure everything goes smoothly when we start putting up walls and installing things in the house. Once that is done we can move on to other parts of the project.

Flipping the house!

Let’s start with flipping the old floor. Nick’s house had a laminate floor that was quite damaged and also very outdated. We ripped it out before putting in a new one. Then we installed all the prep work for cabinets, walls, appliances, and anything else inside the kitchen. After finishing with the kitchen, we got to work on the bathroom. First, we removed old wallpaper from the walls. Once that was done, we painted the walls a light shade of green and put up a fresh new wallpaper. This really freshened the room up! All last bits of work were completed once we started putting in new flooring.

We built an outside kitchen, deck & patio

The exterior received a makeover too. We set up a small deck out front and added all the necessary appliances for an outdoor kitchen like a grill, oven, sink, etc. We even put in some pretty landscaping and got rid of that awful lawn! Now Nick’s house looks amazing from the outside as well. With this renovation done we were sure to get a higher sale price.

The property sold in a week!

Old Benjamin’s house renovation

Benjamin loved his house, but it had sentimental value for him. It was the first place he shared with his wife and their four children before she passed away. He didn’t want to sell it because of this but knew that he would be happier if he could find a new home that served as an investment property for him and his kids.

He researched up-to-date construction companies in Colorado Springs and found Avi’s Remodeling Professionals. They were able to quickly transform Benjamin’s old house into something completely modern yet still retaining some of its original charms. Now, Benjamin is so proud of all the work they put into the newly remodeled space!

how to help a hoarder
Ways to help a hoarder

Flip the hoarder’s mind

Benjamin is a wonderful person, but when it comes to collecting stuff he has a problem. His house was full of so much stuff and it would require someone to be more than just interested in the hoarding lifestyle to want to live there.

Benjamin wouldn’t be able to get back all the money he had paid for this place if he sold it in the condition it was currently in.

After convincing Benjamin to remove the trash, we called Jackie’s Removal to deal with the debris. We offered Benjamin the use of our dumpsters, and he was more than happy to accept them. After that, we got started on our renovations!

Replacing the flooring

One of the most difficult parts of our job. Once it was completed, we quickly moved to the kitchen and bathroom remodels. Benjamin said he loves his family, but there is no way they would want to live in this house!

A lot of Benjamin’s “stuff” consisted of just actual boxes that were filled with things that could easily be donated to charity.

Drywalls replacements.

We had to replace most of the drywall in the living room. The thing people liked the most about this room was that it had a fireplace, but there was no way anyone would be able to use it with all the damage.

Basement and garage renewal

One amazing thing about Benjamin’s house was that it had a basement and garage! Unfortunately, no one wanted to stay inside the home long enough for either of those features to be appealing.

We cleared out all the broken furniture and got rid of all the debris in the driveway. We also came up with some creative solutions to make his backyard more usable.

Benjamin has never been happier! He said that he is so grateful for the work we’ve done and the overall positive changes we made to his home.

Benjamin’s family came over to see their new house and they were completely amazed. We’re all happy that we could help Benjamin turn around a bad situation into something truly amazing: his home!

best customers
5 star reviews

Customer Reviews

Anna-BTwo homes flipping in Aurora, CO

“My last two flips were sold with ease and all of my customers love the final result. I am positive that Avi’s team will flip your property into a dream home.” Ann B. – Aurora.

Peter TA house designer fixed and flip my property


“My house was in chaos for months. After the remodeling process was completed I got all of my money back and some change.” Peter T. – Westminster

Julia RFlip a house after divorce


“I am so grateful for my new peaceful life. I worked with Avi’s Remodeling & Construction team and they helped me to flip my house, even after divorce.” Julia R. – Denver

Thomas LThe best flip house show in Denver, CO


“The best flip house show in Denver, CO is at Avi’s. I don’t trust anyone else with my flips anymore.” Thomas L. – Englewood

Robert QThe flipping houses professionals


“Thanks to Avi’s Remodeling and Construction, I was able to flip my house and earn a huge amount of money. They’re the best in Denver!” Robert Q. – Aurora

Jessica B1970 Ranch house flipping in Boulder, CO


“They gifted me my dream property. I am so grateful for the work they did with my house. The modern kitchen and the contemporary closets are amazing. Thank you Avi’s Remodeling contractors!” Jessica B. – Boulder, Colorado

Abigail RFlipping a house in Denver, CO is easy


“I just finished my renovations with Avi’s Remodeling & Construction and I am so happy with the result! They tool my old Dad’s RIP stuff and wrap it for me. I wish I could thank them more in person.” Abigail R. – Denver

Jessica TThe Split Level House Flip Project in Denver, CO


“We live in two floors house, we really like our house old decoration and stuff. But when we tried to rent it, every person said this is too old-style for him. So we called Avi’s Remodeling & Construction and asked for help. Very soon they helped us with the project, our upper house looks modern now.” Jessica T. – Denver

Sofia FFlip a House in Aurora, CO


“I was born in a small village in Mexico and I moved to Aurora when I married my husband. He bought a house in this city. I was so happy with the place and wanted to make a good impression on my husband’s friends, relatives, and co-workers. He helped me a lot with his remodeling company.” Sofia F. – Aurora.

Avi the Remodeler

Avi the Remodeler

Avi is one of a kind remodeler. Since the 1990s Avi is working as a General Contractor. Do you have a question? Contact Us and Avi will get back to you.

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