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The Importance of Kitchen Countertop Depth

Home is Where the Heart is

You want your kitchen to feel like home. Amidst the chaos and hecticness of your family’s everyday life, the kitchen is where meals can be prepared that bring you all together and help you forge lifelong, lasting memories.

Whether you realize it or not, as crucial as cabinets and appliances are to a kitchen, the part of the kitchen you are destined to interact with the most is the kitchen countertops.

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Kitchen Countertop in Denver, CO

Preparing Meals on Standard Countertop Depth

Your kitchen countertop is where you prepare meals, plate food, and lay out all of your tools of the trade. Without your kitchen countertop, there is no space to prepare the food, so there might as well be no kitchen.

According to annual surveys, one of the most common complaints about kitchens made by millions of Americans every year is a lack of countertop space.

Why Avi’s Remodeling are Leaders in the Denver Metro Area

While Avi’s offers services in everything from installing bathroom remodels to installing full-scale home remodels, kitchen remodeling with a focus on providing abundant counter depth is a specific passion of theirs.

With their ruthlessly precise measuring, meticulous planning, and personable in-home consultations, Avi’s Remodeling is determined to do everything they can to give you the kitchen countertops of your dreams.

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Wide Kitchen Countertops

Countertop Depth

What exactly is countertop depth? Countertop depth refers to the precise measurement of countertop space from the front of the countertop to the back. So specifically, countertop depth is an easily comparable measurement of exactly how much space a countertop can afford you.

Standard Countertop Depth Above Kitchen Cabinets

Every kitchen has different needs that vary depending on the specific parameters but generally speaking, the average kitchen counter depth is in the range of 24 inches.

Factors such as your kitchen’s square footage and base cabinet depth can affect this number, but 24 inches is the standard kitchen counter depth.

Meanwhile, the standard height of a countertop is approximately 36 inches. As mentioned, the experts at Avi’s Remodeling know that countertop depth is so important to their customers because countertops are what you interact with the most in your kitchen.

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Custom Countertop in Denver, CO

The Value of Countertops

Out of necessity, countertops cover more room than drawers, cabinets, or shelves in the kitchen. They may not be on the walls or used for the actual act of cooking, but kitchen counter depth directly impacts everything you do in the kitchen.

Countertops not only act as crucial prep areas for you but also as a protective layer of skin for your kitchen, helping to prevent further messes and protect the structure of your kitchen from potential damage.

Thus, counter depth is not only convenient but useful as well.

Making the Most of Your Kitchen Counter

Cooking can be messy work, and the last thing you want is to be constantly worried about your countertops or ruining your kitchen when you are creating your latest culinary masterpiece. Whether your countertops are granite, marble, butcher block, or any one of the vast amounts of options, they can serve to help protect the integrity of your kitchen.

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Get The Best Countertop in Denver

Kitchen Countertops

The team at Avi’s Remodeling knows that planning for a kitchen renovation can seem stressful. Having a team enter your home and make a temporary mess of your kitchen may seem taxing, but look at the reviews from any of Avi’s customers, and they’ll happily tell you: the long-term benefits are more than worth the short-term sacrifice.

The Installation of Deeper Countertops

Avi’s Remodeling is here to work with you throughout the installation process and make it as joyous an experience as possible. Feel uneasy with your current kitchen? You’d be amazed at the difference a renovation and a new kitchen counter from Avi’s Remodeling can make.

Installing new countertops allows the team to maximize space based on the correct dimensions of your specific kitchen. This will not only help to get rid of wasted space but also help to give you even greater room to utilize tools such as kitchen appliances on your counter.

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Deep Countertop Installation in Denver, CO

With Avi’s Remodeling, Standard Countertop Depth is Flexible. Your Happiness is What Comes First

Avi’s also wants to make sure that you use this opportunity to maximize the utilization of your entire kitchen space. Because this isn’t just a stock kitchen anymore, it’s your kitchen, and Avi’s Remodeling knows that one of the most important things is that your kitchen feels like home.

In allowing Avi’s team to help you remodel your kitchen, they can maximize the square footage of the space, weighing several factors such as if you need it to be wheelchair users-friendly, offer you a larger-than-average size for your kitchen base cabinets, or even proportionally adjust your countertops counter height so as to better fit you and your family’s needs.

Kitchen Island Countertops

Items like a kitchen island or a breakfast bar raise even more questions about countertop depth, what countertop materials to use, and whether or not the island should be the same height as the rest of the counters.

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Top Island Countertops In Denver

Does Standard Countertop Depth Still Apply With Kitchen Island Countertops?

While different standard depth applies here, with the average being 27 inches, it’s crucial to remember that kitchen islands or a breakfast bar are still acting in service of the kitchen as a whole. You’re going to want to match your standard countertop height, countertop dimensions, and overall aesthetic as much as you can to your other counters.

The Added Kitchen Countertops of the Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a fantastic tool to provide greater cabinet size. Most kitchens offer smaller cabinets situated along the wall and under the sink, but the installation of kitchen islands allows for even great cultivation of your space that can fundamentally improve your kitchen’s usefulness to you.

Not to mention that kitchen island countertops can really serve to, stylistically, bring your kitchen together.

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Wide Kitchen Countertop in Denver, CO

Bringing Your Kitchen Together

More than just a set of wall cabinets, a kitchen island helps to sew it all together into a single cohesive vision and place, all while affording you a deeper countertop and even greater room.

Final Thoughts

Countertop depth is everything to a kitchen. As crucial as factors like base cabinet depth can be, kitchen countertops are what truly make a kitchen.

In providing you room to work and personalize what was once a stock kitchen, your kitchen countertops can completely change how you cook.

The team at Avi’s Remodeling knows that the life of your dreams begins with the kitchen of your dreams, and it all stems back to your counters.

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