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70+ Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Ideas with a Contemporary Flair

Keeping a fresh look in your kitchen gives your home a welcoming atmosphere as well as a chance to put your dream house design on the ground. One of the recent kitchens remodels styles takes us back to the ‘90s. A more simple, cozy, and warm kitchen design and style. These are the farmhouse kitchens and the country style kitchen designs.

These are currently a homeowner’s favorite kitchen style due to their ease of mixing modern and classic décor to give your kitchen a traditional appeal. A noticeable feature of a Farmhouse kitchen is the use of rustic and recycled barn wood for its furnishing and décor.

Farmhouse Kitchen style for small and large kitchens.

farmhouse kitchen remodel
Kitchen Remodel | Farmhouse

Kitchens are the trickiest rooms that you can remodel. They have limited space to work with, and an overwhelming range of design styles to choose from. However, farmhouse kitchen styles tend to thrive in both large and small kitchens.

When choosing the cabinets for the kitchen, open cabinetry will work perfectly for farmhouse kitchens. They will make the kitchen visibly bigger. Common aspects of these kitchen designs are shaker-style cabinets, unfinished wooden décor, wooden beam ceilings, apron sinks, and much more.

Another primary feature of farmhouse kitchens is their color. Go for a light and warm color that will brighten your kitchen space. Below is an unlimited range of farmhouse kitchen design ideas;

1. Wooden Circles, pumpkin vignette, and greenery

Wooden Circles, pumpkin vignette, and greenery
image from wuestenigel.com

Suppose you want to give your kitchen that vintage yet stylish look, making use of wooden cuttings boards will help you achieve that. Custom wood cuttings, when incorporated with white pumpkin vignette, make a good combination to give you a simple, cool, and warm space. With the addition of some greens, you get to bring your kitchen back to life.

2. Farmhouse kitchen with a breakfast bar

farmhouse kitchen breakfast
image from anakjajan.com

Making meals is an enjoyable process, especially with gatherings in your place. With a bigger space for prepping your meals, you can get a hand from the other two or three individuals. If you are currently using a kitchen with limited space, adding a breakfast bar and extending the countertop will give you an extended sitting area for a binding time.

3. Woven Basket with a vintage seed packet.

Woven Basket farmhouse
image from Pinterest

If you like a woven look in your kitchen, having a basket with an artificial or live green plant will give your kitchen a splash.  They could be hanging on the wall or simply placed on the countertop. If you are the creative type, you don’t have to buy the vintage seed packet. You can make one from your imagination and give your kitchen a unique vintage look.

4. Bring the kitchen to life with Flowers and Greenery.

Flowers and Greenery farmhouse
image from Pinterest

There is something about having a leafy green plant hanging right above the sink or at the back of your door or simply by the wall. It brings out some fresh air, and you could simply chill in the kitchen in your leisure, enjoying this warm and fresh air. To add to the glam, place a small basket of flowers just beneath it or beside it.

5. DIY Farmhouse style candle holders.

Farmhouse style candle holders
Candle Holder image from Pinterest

Bring out a stylish kitchen look by making use of cheap unique candleholders. Going for unique candle holders like animal carvings, well-molded pot shapes, and other ideas will give your kitchen a custom look. Placing your candle holders on wooden boards or a woven trey and finding complementary cups, plates, or kettle will complete the look. You can get these candle holders in a toy store near you.

6. Easy DIY market kitchen sign.

kitchen sign
Signs image from Pinterest

Though these market signs are expensive, the charm they add to your kitchen or home, in general, makes them worthy. Besides, they are on the trend, resulting in a classy and modern kitchen look. If you want to go for the cheap way, following up on tutorials will give you the skill to make your market kitchen signs to decorate your home.

7. Salvaged wood chunky farmhouse style candlestick.

wood farmhouse candlestick
Candle Holders image from Pinterest

Thrown away wood remains can transform your kitchen in a way you could never imagine. Making unique shapes from these woods, let’s say the shape of spiral table legs, edgy bedposts can make a unique stand for your candles. Put a splash of some neutral paint color to bring the true beauty in the art and have yourself eye-catching candlesticks.

8. A vintage cheese grater used as a unique kitchen organizer.

A vintage cheese grater farmhouse
Cheese grater image from Pinterest

Once you are done using kitchen utensils, think of a unique way to be used before throwing them away. Take for instance, a cheese grater. Once it is blunt and out of use, you could transform it into a towel holder, utensil, and flower holder. Hang it on the wall or place it at the kitchen countertop and have yourself an affordable kitchen organizer.

9. Reclaimed wood for Window awning and siding.

wood for Window awning
Image from Pinterest

Recycling wood can help to add a charm to your kitchen. You could transform them into unique shapes and carvings and use attractive colors to paint them to bring out some natural beauty. When you are making frames out of the reclaimed wood which you could nail on the wall or on the cabinet doors to add a natural touch on them.

10. Thrift stores find turned into farmhouse beauty.

Thrift stores for farmhouse
Image from Pinterest

Thrift stores have come to your kitchen the vintage look every vintage lover seeks. From their amazing plates with different designs to their rack, which consists of a wire shelf to place your utensils and a very elaborate sign, your kitchen will result in a very chic look. Find a unique way to display these unique utensils and designs and have yourself a dream kitchen vintage look.

11. Farmhouse style knick-knack landing zone.

knick-knack landing zone
Image from Pinterest

With many utensils in your kitchen and few drawers to keep them, you can end up having a messy kitchen with limited space to work on. A three-tiered landing zone acts as a solution for this. With this design, you make extra space for your cups, small vases, and jars. It is an easy and cheap way to make a unique kitchen organizer.

12. Farmhouse market sign window embellishment.

market sign window
Image from Pinterest

Having a huge and elaborate sign on your kitchen window shifts the attention of your visitors from the areas with small hiccups to the sign. Besides, you can customize your own kitchen sign to rely on the information you want and give your kitchen an awesome look. Simple tutorials can help you learn to make them.

13. Upcycled armoire kitchen cabinet.

Upcycled kitchen cabinet
Image from Pinterest

Transforming your kitchen or house means doing away with the old and outdated furniture. This is at least what many homeowners would think. However, did you know that you can transform your unlikeable kitchen cabinet or furniture to a rustic structure that will get the attention of all? You could use it to hold your arts, books, beautiful carvings, and unique items around your home to attract the eyes of your visitors.

14. Farmhouse style DIY stenciled towels for the kitchen.

DIY stenciled towels kitchen
Image from Pinterest

Instead of throwing away your old yet still in shape kitchen towels, how about transforming them to unique designs with unique colors and information to add décor to your kitchen.  Think of creative designs and patterns that will suit your kitchen and hang them at a convenient location to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

15. DIY farmhouse style cupboards makeover.

DIY cupboards makeover
Image from Pinterest

You do not have to buy a new cupboard to bring a new and fresh look to your kitchen. You could simply transform your old cupboard to bring out even better results. Repainting them and adding a few details to it like frames and bars for organizing utensils are some of the ways you could achieve this affordably.

16. Farmhouse rustic pendant light shades.

rustic pendant light shades
Image from Pinterest

The lighting of your house with customized shades or pendant light is a cheap way to achieve this. If you feel there is too much lighting in your kitchen, wire gauze and sack from your store can result in an elegant shade. Still, you could make use of papers and plastic and make them into patterns that will not only reduce light but will also add glam to your kitchen.

17. Daily farmhouse kitchen sign with creative quotes.

kitchen sign with creative quotes
Image from Pinterest

You can have signs with inspiring and welcoming quotes on a convenient location in your kitchen. The signs come in different colors and different messages, and thereby you can find one that best suits your kitchen. You can choose to change the sign as frequently as possible, or maybe preserve one for your family and friends to wake up to a new message every morning.

18. Rustic style cutting board with a DIY print.

cutting board with a DIY print
Image from Pinterest

Animal printings have gained popularity when using it to add on home décor. Therefore, you have to be innovative to set out a unique way to bring out its beauty. This farmhouse design has a thick board cutting with a sheep drawing on its front; the drawing has a bow at the top to add details to it. If your kitchen has natural wood as its main color, this design will complement it.

19. Coffee wooden kitchen tray.

Coffee wooden kitchen tray farmhouse
Image from Pinterest

Coffee is what many people will wake up to, to get their day moving. Use this wooden kitchen tray to serve your family and friends coffee and it is all they will be thinking of the better part of the day. Wood has a natural and warm way to make guests feel welcome, making this the best item to serve your people in the morning.

20. Rustic metal sign with kitchen cutouts.

Rustic metal sign with kitchen cutouts
Image from Pinterest

With a farmhouse kitchen, it would not be complete if it did not have a sign that has its name on it. You can get this sign in many neutral colors, patterns, and typography. Hang it by the wall, at the top of the window frame, or by the sink for easy visibility. To bring out all the beauty, you can complement it with a leafy plant or some flowers.

21. Farm animals metal sign set.

animals metal sign set
Image from Pinterest

To add little details on the farmhouse metal sign designs, there are also other designs with farm animal prints. A full set of these metal signs has three signs joined with a ribbon and a wire. There is one with a rooster, pig, and a cow picture on them, each with a written message which entails the sound each of them produces. This black and white metal sign will give your kitchen that chic look you are looking for.

22. Kitchen words wall décor set.

With eye-catching typography, the kitchen word wall décor set accentuates an elegant view for the eyes. The set entails three words, eat, drink, and cheers, which are not attached to the board. This means that you have the liberty to arrange them in whatever order you like, either following each other or spread across the walls of your kitchen.

23. Rustic farmhouse style wooden shelf.

Rustic style wooden shelf
Image from Pinterest

You can do away with your space problem by simply constructing a wooden shelf and attaching it to the wall. This rustic wooden shelf can hold your jars, cups, dishes, display flowers, or other custom items. Depending on your needs, you can find the shelf in different sizes and finish.

24. Farmhouse style stove top cover with a noodle board.

stove top cover with a noodle board
Image from Pinterest

When not in use, you can have a wooden top to cover your stove. This top can act as a surface to place some other items, thereby you have some more storage space, or as a board to cut noodles. Farmhouse stove top cover comes in different finishing and with unique wordings and patterns on its top. It can be customized, or you can purchase an already made one.

25. Farmhouse color scheme: soft silver, white, and wood.

Farmhouse color scheme: soft silver, white, and wood
Image from Pinterest

If you are looking for a more functional and stylish kitchen that is affordable, farmhouse shelves and stainless steel cabinets are the package deal. Although these real wood shelves bring out an old look, it has been complemented with modern touches to make more styling and classy. Get one today in soft silver, white, wood, and other neutral colors.

26. Salvaged antique rake wine glass holder.

wine glasses at your restaurant or bar with this American Metalcraft
Image from Pinterest

Apart from solving your kitchen space troubles, this wine glass holder displays your glasses in a steel rake, which makes your kitchen look impeccable. If you have no wine glasses in your home, don’t feel limited and that you cannot have this structure in your kitchen. It can be used to store other utensils also.

27. A DIY chalkboard door for the pantry.

A DIY chalkboard door
Image from Pinterest

Instead of spending a lot in constructing a heavy metal pantry door, how about using a chalkboard door? This door can easily be slid in and out of the pantry whenever you want.  During your leisure, you can transform the door into a place to grow and showcase your art skills. I bet it will be the talk subject for all who visit you.

28. Natural wood and ivory collection in antique barn basket.

Natural wood and ivory collection in antique barn basket
Image from Pinterest

If you are having trouble locating your frequently used utensils, let’s say a cooking stick, wood serving spoons, chopsticks, or knives, this wire storage basket is all you need. Like a desktop on a computer, you can use this basket to store your utensils for quick access. It will be fine by the countertop or another location where you can conveniently access them.

29. Triad of narrow whitewashed mirrors with eucalyptus wreath.

Triad of narrow whitewashed mirrors with eucalyptus wreath.
Image from Pinterest

A dressing mirror should not cost you all your savings to purchase. Still, do not limit yourself the luxury of dressing in front of a mirror because you have not saved enough to purchase one.  You can transform your old mirrors into three or more narrow whitewashed mirrors and place them side by side. For extra charm, place a eucalyptus wreath in the middle mirror.

30. Recycled coffee can make a kitchen herb garden.

coffee can make a kitchen herb garden
Image from Pinterest

You can now grow herbs in your kitchen using a simple tabletop herbarium. It can be an elegant tray from clay, painted with a color that will blend in with the rest of your kitchen. Using your old soup cans, you can grow your favorite herbs to spice up meals for your family without having to go to the grocery.

31. Farmer’s market crates as storage drawers.

market crates storage drawers
Image from Pinterest

The old fruit crates collecting dust in your store can be transformed into a storage bin for bulky groceries like onions and potatoes. A little craftsmanship around the edges and trimming the woods will make it fit within your shelves for proper arrangement.

32. Barnyard window shutters with rustic hardware.

Barnyard window rustic hardware
Image from Pinterest

Lighting is an important aspect of the kitchen. With these picket window shutters, you add some extra charm in your home and get to enjoy exactly the amount of light you need. Its hardware enables you to open and close just the section you need to prevent too much light or a total lack of light in your kitchen.

33. A Weathered gray tiered flower and fruit stand.

Weathered gray flower and fruit stand
Image from Pinterest

Simply transform that old cake stand that you are about to throw away and have yourself an elegant place for your fruits, groceries, or flowers. This tiered stand will not use up much of your counter space. With gray painting, it will definitely blend in with the rest of the kitchen. You can also use it for any other purpose you want.

34. White and Country blue linen cabinet curtains.

Country blue linen curtains
Image from Pinterest

Sometimes dealing with storage troubles in the kitchen requires you to think critically. Having cabinets can use up much space and still render inadequate space to accommodate your utensils. Having an open shelf is a more functional solution. It will also be easy to access your utensils. To prevent dust from accumulating fast and limit visuals from your guests, you can use these country blue and white linen cabinet curtains to serve the purpose.

35. Farmhouse gray, country white, and warm wood accents.

gray white wood accents
Image from Pinterest

Take advantage of any space within your kitchen, be it on the walls or the countertops. You can create more storage space in your kitchen by installing wood block shelves vertically in your kitchen walls. Also, you can place wired baskets on your countertops to put your kitchen towels or frequently used utensils.

36. Porcelain farmhouses sink in vintage cabinets.

Porcelain sink in vintage cabinets
Image from Pinterest

For vintage look lovers, having an Old French Country wood sink stand brings out the true beauty of a vintage look in your kitchen. This stand completes its look with a stunner of a sink in the middle. With this vintage stand, you have cabinets, shelves, and a place to hang your towels. This saves up much space in your kitchen.

37. Shabby chic farmhouse décor.

Shabby chic farmhouse décor
Image from Pinterest

Instead of using all your money on cliché table mats in the stores, you can go your way to make unique ones using braided jute ropes.  Weave the rope into a circular shape or whatever shape you would like to use a glue gun to keep it intact. This rope makes a stunning table mat that will leave your dining area with a whimsy look. Make sure to weave a bigger mat than your dinner plates so that they stand out.

38. Using Wooden beams on the Ceilings.

Wooden beams on the Ceilings
Image from Pinterest

Wooden beams in the ceiling are a classic trademark to any farmhouse. They can either be on either slanted or flat ceilings. An old farm barn is the source of inspiration for this design, and they add vigor to the natural elements in the area. When you do this, you commit to the farmhouse look for the long run. With a touch of wooden floors and countertops, you are on the right track to getting a contemporary farmhouse look for your kitchen.

39. Rolling Cart Island.

Rolling Cart Island farmhouse
Image from Pinterest

One classic feature of farmhouse kitchens is the rolling cart island, and yes, it has wheels. Therefore, you can move it around to create a room or set it for a meal. When topped with a table spread, some wooden stools, and granite or wooden countertop, then you achieve that farmhouse look you wanted.

40. A Wooden Range Hood Cover.

Wooden Hood CoverKitchen hood vents improve the filtration in your kitchen. They ensure that your kitchen is not too hot, and you do not have smoke lingering when cooking. If you are going for a contemporary farmhouse look, then having a range hood cover could get you there. With this type of hood cover, you have the opportunity to add the décor as you please.

41. A modern black and gold theme.

black and gold themeThis look goes well with some wooden decorations. Here, you use gold for smaller decorations, like the cabinet handles and vases, but the black dominates. That means you have black counters and drawers. To complete the farmhouse looks, you can add a touch of wooden floors or racks, and pair them with white granite counters.

42. Butcher Block Farmhouse Kitchen Table.

Butcher Block Kitchen TableButcher block kitchen tables add a rustic and vintage feel to your kitchen. When topped with hanging industrial lamps and wooden or ceramic tiles, white drawers, and wooden stools for the island, then you are on the right track to achieving a contemporary farmhouse look.

43. Barn Wood Farmhouse Décor.

Barn Wood DécorA barn is the trademark of any farm. Bringing in the barn wood into your kitchen, with exposed wood beams and hanging industrial lamps, complete the farmhouse kitchen look. The barn wood gives a rustic feel to your kitchen. You can complete the décor with a butcher block table and rustic cabinets, shelves, and drawers, all with peeling paint.

44. The Shabby Chic Farmhouse Kitchen.

Shabby Chic KitchenWooden furniture is the dominant feature in the shabby chic farmhouse kitchen. That means you use wooden shelves and cabinets, as well as countertops. With the vintage style, you get a realistic and functional farmhouse look.  When you add in a wooden hood vent, a splash of white and granite countertops, then you have achieved a shabby chic farmhouse look in your kitchen.

45. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen.

Farmhouse KitchenNothing adds the rustic look to a kitchen than wood, and if you are going for a farmhouse look, then barn boards are the way to go. When going for the rusting farmhouse kitchen, you use barn boards on the ceilings and walls, painted in whitewash. When you add in those exposed wooden ceiling beams, then you give a more assertive character to your kitchen.

46. Low Beams Farmhouse kitchen.

Beams Farmhouse kitchenCompared to the exposed beams, high in the ceiling, the low beams are lower and closer to the windows. They have lamps hanging off them over the counter. With the rough wood hanging over the overhead space, and white as the dominant background color, then you have achieved the goal of the low beam farmhouse kitchen style.

47. The Black Apron Sink.

Black Apron SinkColor plays a significant role in the decoration of any kitchen. When it is the contemporary farmhouse look you are going for, then the apron sinks constitute a significant feature. They come in multiple colors, but using black accentuates the darker tones in your kitchen. When coupled with open shelves, white cabinets, and ceramic or granite countertops, then end up with a beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

48. The farmer’s market and home.

farmer’s market at homeA friendly sign in your kitchen is one sure way to add a rustic and farmhouse feel to your kitchen. It adds charm, a vintage look, and with the right color selection, it blends in perfectly. For instance, you can use the; ‘Farmer’s Market,’ ‘Supermarket,’ or ‘Welcome Home’ signs. With these signs, you have no limitation to the number of signs you can put up.

49. Bright Pots and Pans.

farmhouse Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are a significant addition to any kitchen. With the right color selection, you can add some color to your farmhouse kitchen. When you select bright-colored pots and pans, you add a personal touch in your kitchen. With open shelves, you can display the pots to keep the colors radiant, even when you have no food on the stove.

50. Brick by Brick, Stone by Stone Design.Brick by Brick Design

Nothing adds charm to a farmhouse kitchen like bricks.  The brick backsplash adds vigor, character, and a vintage look to your kitchen. When coupled with some white cabinets, open shelves, wooden flooring, and countertops, the brick kitchen walls are a beautiful addition to your farmhouse kitchen.

51. The small farmhouse kitchen.small farmhouse kitchen

If you are trying to make your kitchen have a farmhouse design that stands out, then this is the look to choose. It encompasses open wooden shelves, a vintage fridge, an apron sink, and some curtains. With soothing colors and wooden countertops, your small kitchen soon transforms into that farmhouse kitchen you desire.

52. Two-tone Farmhouse Kitchen.Two-tone Kitchen

As earlier mentioned, color is a crucial component of your kitchen. Kitchens can have a single color or a combination. When you go for a two-tone farmhouse look, you can end up with quite a beautiful look. You can go for brighter colors on the top to reflect the natural sun and darker colors on the bottom. Finish off with wooden floors, granite countertops, and low hanging transparent lights.

53. The Monochrome Farmhouse kitchen.

Monochrome Farmhouse kitchen designIn this design, the farmhouse kitchen uses barn wood for the kitchen racks. This way, you keep all your utensils in one space. With the countertops fitted with granite counters, dark-colored shelves, you can go for a wooden floor. In your kitchen island, choosing stools with recycled barn wood seats complete the look. The black cabinets and white walls offer the perfect contrast in your kitchen.

54. The rustic Vintage Design.

rustic Vintage Design

The prominent feature in the rustic vintage farmhouse kitchen is the recycled barn wood. You use it for the stools, the kitchen racks, and tables. This style uses all vintage furniture and décor, making it almost a country-style kitchen. You can use ceramic or wooden tiles for your floor, with the peeling paint on the table complementing your vintage look.

55. The all-white Farmhouse design.all-white design

Compared to the monochrome kitchen design, the all-white farmhouse kitchen design uses white for the top and the bottom. The white makes your kitchen seem bigger and airier. This design goes nicely with open kitchen shelves, granite countertops, and wooden island stools. Finish off with some low hanging kitchen lights, and you have the perfect farmhouse design for your kitchen.

56. Gray Cabinets.

Grey Cabinets farmhouse

Grey and white are often the right color combination for a farmhouse kitchen. With grey shelves and counters, you tone down the brightness of the white while maintaining a relaxed sense of calmness. You could add some house decors, like a pumpkin vignette with greenery.

57. The second life design.

second life designWhen going for a second life kitchen design, you have to use a lot of repurposed materials. For instance, you can repurpose an old barn sign into making part of the kitchen island. For the lights, farming funnels can add a desirable rustic finish. Finally, you can finish off with some white walls, open shelves, and wooden or granite countertops.

58. The Woven Baskets.

Woven Baskets farmhouseA vintage farmhouse can always find space for a woven basket. Whether the woven baskets are hanging from the ceiling, used on the countertops to store some fruit, or a mat for your cutlery, you can never be wrong with anything woven in your farmhouse kitchen.

59. Marble Kitchen Island.

Marble Kitchen Island farmhouse

If you want to go a different path, away from the wood and granite, then a marble countertop for your farmhouse kitchen is a welcomed change. A dark color complementing your look, a white backsplash, and low hanging kitchen lights all contribute to the farm-chic look in your newly remodeled kitchen.

60. Reclaimed Wood Design.

Reclaimed Wood Design kitchenWood always delivers on the antique and farm-look, whether used as countertops, floor, cabinets, or other parts of the décor. Reclaimed wood offers the perfect material for building columns and range hoods in a farmhouse kitchen. Salvaged pine brings in a balance of country and charm. You could also use the reclaimed wood to make porch posts to support your island and flower pitchers.

61. The Decorative Rug.

Decorative Rug

If you have a white galley kitchen, exposed kitchen counters, and you want to add a burst of color, then a decorative rug is the way to go. The best way to use the colored rug is if you have a white ceramic tile floor.

62. Pecky Cypress Farmhouse Kitchen.

Pecky Cypress KitchenAre you a fan of reclaimed wood, and are looking for a new favorite way to remodel your kitchen? Well, pecky cypress is an emerging trend you can try out. You can use it for your shelves, hood, flooring, stools, and kitchen island. The long-grained wood is famous for its striations and long pocketing. Finish off the look with orb lights to soften the kitchen with sharp edges.

63. Old Country Farmhouse Charm.

Old Country Farmhouse

Aged zinc countertops, open shelves, and reclaimed wood are all part of the old country charm. The mixed materials suit each other well to give you the farmhouse design you want in your kitchen. For this style, hiding modern equipment in the islands and vintage cabinets makes sure that your old country charm stays intact.

64. The Generational Farmhouse Kitchen.

Generational Farmhouse Kitchen

If the house has been in the family, maintaining some features could be a welcomed addition. Traditional features, such as marble tops, mismatched chairs from reclaimed wood in the barn, give off an intriguing mix of furniture and décor. You could change the walls to white color and pair them with closed cabinets, and you could go back to the ’70s.

65. The Modern Farmhouse kitchen.Modern Farmhouse kitchen

The modern farmhouse is a classic yet contemporary design that suits new homes and remodels. Furnished with a farmhouse sink, some shaker cabinets, and quartz countertops, you are on the right path to getting a modern farmhouse look. Other features include a subway tile backsplash, some stainless steel appliances, and light wood flooring.

66. The contemporary farmhouse kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen contemporary

A farmhouse sink, brick backsplash, and shaker cabinets with mismatched wood floor and island are the perfect way to remodel your kitchen to a farmhouse look. Hidden stainless steel equipment and white countertops are also a good addition.

67. Farmhouse Kitchen with Wrought-Iron Décor.

Kitchen Wrought-Iron

A farmhouse can always do with a rustic look. To achieve this, you can get some copper pots and pans, as well as wrought-iron hardware for your kitchen. To add a touch of softness and vigor, you could use wildflowers in your kitchen or a linen skirt. Finish off the look with open cabinets and granite or marble countertops.

68. Honeycomb Tiles.Honeycomb kitchen Tiles

The honeycomb tiles go to the walls or floor. ON the countertops and racks, you can use wood for the rustic, country-style look in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can go for a pistachio paint color on your cabinets and shelves, with your stainless steel appliances hidden away. A marble or granite countertop gives a beautiful finish for your kitchen. Throw in a rug for more formality.

69. Copper Light Fixtures.

Copper Light Fixtures kitchen

A farmhouse always has room for a rustic touch, and copper is the way to go. When you use copper for your light fixtures, then you open up room for a wide variety of décor styles. The light fixtures add a shine to your home, as well as the vintage and rustic look you want in a farmhouse.

70. Shiplap for your farmhouse kitchen.

Shiplap farmhouse

The shiplap consists of long planks of wood used for the wall siding. Usually, they are mounted horizontally with few gaps in between. Not only do they add an interesting texture in your farmhouse, but they are also an excellent way to accentuate your countertops. Shiplap is perfect for use in walls and ceilings, or the area below the kitchen island.

71. The Brace Support Kitchen Islands.Support Kitchen Islands

One favorite trademark of the farmhouse kitchen is the X-brace support. Usually, the braces go well with wide-open spaces, low hanging lights, closed cabinets, and stainless kitchen equipment. Once the braces are in place, a marble or granite countertop offers the perfect finish to your contemporary farmhouse kitchen look. The decorative braces help support the weight of your kitchen island.

Transform your kitchen with any of these affordable farmhouse kitchen designs and begin your journey to getting your dream kitchen.

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