Bathroom Remodel in Denver

Our bathroom showroom can provide you with luxury designs that can take your bathroom to the next level. Every design comes from leading international and national companies.

Remodel Service for Small Bathrooms

shower remodel project
Shower Remodeling Project – Low Budget

Having a small bathroom is a common thing nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t look amazing! With over 15 years of experience in small bathroom renovations, our team at Avi’s Remodeling Services works to create a design that complies with what you want and what you need, while maintaining your personal style.

Do you want a renovation? Go for Avi’s Remodeling Services!

Design of a Luxury Bathroom

An upscale bathroom remodeling may be just what you need to give your bathroom that ‘classy’ feel. Our experts can make a design that defines the finishing touches that your dream home needed! Contact us for a free consultation, and let’s start designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Visit our bathroom showroom if you want to look at all the designs that we have to offer. 

Contemporary Vanities

Made for You

Avi’s Remodeling Services offers a vast line of personalized cabinetry for you, as well as many different finishes and laminates for your bathroom.

Modern Vanities

Make it Stylish

Our American and European vanities are premium-quality, so you can take your time and choose a style that complies with what you want and need.

Bathroom Design Goals

Avi’s Remodeling Services offers you a four-step plan to re-design your bathroom, and our expert consultants are going to walk you through every step of the process.

Taking the Measurements: Our experts take precise measurements of every aspect of your bathroom.

  1. Bathroom Layout: We design your new layout. This includes the location of your modern furnishings. We consider every idea, and we are going to rework the design until you’re happy with the results.
  2. Furnishing Selection: Our team helps you choose furnishings that match each other to make your bathroom look amazing. If you want some added elements, we can provide you with other bathroom accessories.
  3. Budget Estimates: We want to help you get the bathroom of your dreams while also saving you money. Our team knows the price of every element of the project, so we can help you maximize your benefits, and cut down other costs. Regardless of the project, we want you to be satisfied with the results.
  4. Supplies: You don’t have to look far for your furnishings, our showroom has everything that you need. We source internationally; this means that regardless of what you want, the chances are that we can make it a reality for you.

What Do We Offer?

  • Countertops: We have any countertop that you can dream of! We can provide granite, stainless steel, quartz, wood, and many others.
  • Vanities: Do you want the latest models in vanities? We have them!
  • Cabinetry: We offer a wide variety of cabinetry for you, coming from brands such as Bauformat, Showplace, Ultracraft, and other local stores. Our company can comply with any material and finish, as well as the hardware that you need.

Installation Process

Our contractors are unmatched when it comes to quality service, project solving and management, and warranty service. The experts at Avi’s Remodeling Service have gone through extensive training that has made them able to handle any kind of renovation project; our team is committed to achieving the bathroom of your dreams! If you want to see more about our projects, you can look at our kitchen and bathroom portfolio here.

modern Bathroom remodel
Hi-end bathroom remodeling

Minor Bathroom Remodel

Average resale return: 102%

To replace your flooring, toilet, sink, tub, and other bathroom fixtures, you may spend about $10,500. At resale, you can get back approximately $10,700, which implies a recoup rate of 102%

We recommend that you re-caulk your tub when doing a renovation. You can use a softener such as Caulk-Be-Gone, which helps to eliminate old caulk. When you’re done, get some water into the tub to help the caulk stretch itself while it dries. This process is as easy as writing down something on a cake!

It costs from $300 to $400 to re-glaze your old bathtub. Consider doing this if your tub is too large to get it out of the bathroom.

If you have any damages walls, a spray-on texture can help you give them a fast coverage. You can also remove old wall coverings and give them a new coat of fresh paint.

You can change or remove your old shower doors if you want to give the visual illusion that your bathroom is bigger.

Please note that remodeling costs are always subject to change.

Major Bathroom Remodel

Average resale return: 93.2%

Doing a significant bathroom renovation entails doing a complete makeover of your current bathroom. It uses a budget of $26,052, and you can get a resale return of $24,286. This type of work entails expanding a 5×7 feet bathroom, adding designer furnishings, and upgrading the toilet and the tub.

Start by replacing your old roofing with a new stone or ceramic tile. It’s recommended that you buy some extra tiles just in case one of the tiles break while you’re installing them. If you get any additional tiles at the end of the job, you can save them for repairs in the future.

Buyers adore a fresh and elegant look. You can get a new countertop to give that finishing touch to your old vanity.

If you get a new pedestal sink as a replacement for old cabinetry, you can create the visual illusion that the bathroom is a lot bigger than it is.