About Us

Over our 25 years of working with remodeling services, we have established a broad and diverse portfolio, which includes every type of remodeling project that you can imagine, each one executed with precision and care. We have worked very hard to establish valuable contacts on the market, which lets us get building permits faster, which, therefore, allows us to do the project more efficiently for the client.

We have everything that you need to get started on your renovation – from building permits to plumbing or electrical services. If you want to give your bathroom, kitchen, or any space an upgrade, Avi’s Remodeling Services can help you with that.

  • Full House and Full-Service Renovation
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation
  • Space Design
  • Personalized Millwork
  • Smart Home Tools
  • Personalized Cabinetry

Free Remodeling Consultation

We want to make everything more comfortable for you, so you can ask one of our interior design experts to study your current space with you, free of cost. After that, they can tell you what options for renovations you have available. Regardless of what company you choose, an expert is your best bet to get a clear understanding of what you can do.

If you choose Avi’s Remodeling Services, we can walk you through every step of your remodeling process, making your experience more exciting, while giving you a more modern space.

Over 25 years of experience, and over 100 annual projects

As a Grade A General Contractor for over 25 years in remodeling services, time and experience has given us the tools needed to offer you a diverse range of design options for your remodeling project.

Renovating/ Remodeling Under COVID-19

Many homeowners are wondering how home renovations are going to work in the future because of this pandemic. This question arises because of the government’s orders to shut down showrooms.

Luckily, some people are using their free time to give a detailed look at their home to find new and creative ways to upgrade their current home design. One of the most usual things that people want to renovate is their kitchen, since they’re being used much more now. The need to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom has become higher, which has made people start planning renovations as soon as they can.

However, health and safety always have to come first. Most people conclude that it’s not worth the risk of bringing a remodeling crew to their home at these times. No one has knowledge of when the next wave of the virus is going to come in, so the need to take precautions regarding health and safety has become more urgent.

What Does that Mean?

Remodeling Showrooms

Some companies are already offering online showrooms that provide a 360-degree view of the showroom. However, it’s never going to be the same as going personally and watching at all the designs and products by yourself.

Every item has to be sanitized frequently to ensure that the people going in or out of the showroom are safe. The showroom’s crew is also required to sanitize themselves every once in a while when they’re working with other people.

Remote Consultations

A lot of companies are offering their clients remote consultations via video chat, using platforms such as Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. This may not be the preferred choice of some people, but it has worked for a lot of clients that want to do their planning as soon as possible. Remote consultations are going to stay on the market for a long time since they avoid safety risks entirely, and they also allow the contractors to share their designs and 3D renderings comfortably. It may not replace in-person consultations, but it’s a good alternative.

At-Home Consultations

An excellent way to ensure safety while doing a remodel is to have the contractor go into your home for the consultation. Since you are in control of everything at your home, you can take safety measures to ensure that everyone is safe. You can ask the contractor to wear safety equipment such as a facemask or gloves, and you can also give clean airflow by opening some windows and doors during the visit.

During the Renovation Process

The ideal thing to do is to separate the workplace from the rest of your home. The crew members have to take safety and health measures such as wearing gloves and masks and also washing their hands before entering the work zone. If you can, try to provide the crew with a separate bathroom to minimize risks. If you can’t, you can ask the remodeling company to provide a sanitization station for them outside of your house.

If you take every measure needed to ensure a safer place for everyone, you can enjoy your remodeling process without having to worry about infection risks.

Stay safe, and take care!